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Happy April, everyone! We are starting this month with great news and even more enthusiasm than before. Recently, we donated a free website update to Art and Essay project. Persist Digital team is happy to contribute our work to causes that we love and support, such as this one. Art and Essay’s website desperately needed some love from design, maintenance and SEO point of view. Peace Islands Institute integrates and promotes dignity, love, and diversity by letting the creative juices flow, so we wanted to make their website match their vision! Keep reading to learn more about Art and Essay contest and why we chose to work with them for free.

How Art & Essay Inspired Us

We were inspired by this project for many reasons. Diversity and tolerance, balance and love drive our company and they should drive our youth into a better tomorrow. Our persistent CEO came from Turkey many years ago and made a home for himself and his children in New Jersey. They are a part of the community. The company that he founded and that today we’re lucky to be a part of is also made up of persistent, diverse, unique and beautiful individuals who bring their own flare and skills to the table. So naturally, we clicked with PII and wanted to do anything we could to help.

Not unlike Compassion Action, Art & Essay website too had many issues, from outdated content, information architecture and site map problems. Luckily, our amazing Alex, graphic designer and web-developer, took on this project gladly with everyone from the team pitching in ideas and helping him out.

A&E website was completely made up of photos, so since there was no text, the website SEO was pretty poor. It also lacked relevant information about previous competitions and awards. The site had a free theme, but now sports a nice, premium Enfold theme and all the photo content has been turned into text by our Alex. This seemingly small change is very important for SEO rank, since it’s text that helps Google understand the content of a webpage. The site map was tidied up, with a reorganized menu and social media icons. We also upgraded the content on the “About Us” page and added new pages for 2019 contest, as well as for the previous years, with all the awards and projects listed!

Now, the entire site has a fresh, new design, and easy to use forms and contact page.

With some effort, the site transformed, and while there’s still some more work to be done, it’s finally up to the task and ready for Art & Essay contest 2019!

Art and Essay: Unity, Education & Welfare Progress
Art and Essay: Unity, Education & Welfare Progress

About PII and Art and Essay Contest

Peace Islands Institute (PII) aspires to promote education, harmony, and friendship acting as an island of peace for all people of different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. Organized to instill peace, cross-cultural tolerance, and human dignity, Art and Essay project created a platform for New Jersey communities to teach love and diversity to the youth of the country, to instill in them the appreciation for diverse opinions and a desire to unite over solutions.

Since its inception in 2010, PII’s Art & Essay contest has received submissions from around 200 New Jersey schools. The contest has two categories, art and essay, and two participant categories, middle school (grades 6 through 8) and high school (grades 9 through 12). Participating students get prizes totaling more than $10,000. The topics selected for their contests are always thought-inspiring, and action and change encouraging. This year’s theme is “Save the Earth’s Natural Resources’’, and we are looking forward to seeing what New Jersey’s bright, young minds will come up with.

Peace Islands Institute Awards

Persist Digital Brings a Spark of Change

With the new website design and updated content, Art and Essay website will easily rank higher on search engines and be more user-friendly. We are hoping our little contribution will help the application and essay submission process go more smoothly from now on. And maybe even grow in numbers! The website proudly carries the past projects for all to see. It displays the art and essays that young New Jersey minds have created.

Our heart fills with joy and gratitude for an opportunity to create a spark of change. Persist Digital is always open to helping our respective communities. The language of love and tolerance can be easily forgotten, but as long as there are wonderful projects like Art & Essay by Peace Islands Institute and people like us, we’re sure the future will be brighter.

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We mostly discuss web design as the first stop in a customer’s purchase journey. It’s important to note that a good website will benefit a non-profit organization as well. A proper presentation of your professionalism will form a clear picture in the user’s mind. This helps bring in more possible donations and raise awareness for your cause.

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