Changing The Tune: A Contribution To Montclair Music Club

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Persist Digital team deeply believes that giving back is profoundly rewarding, not only for us but for the many causes we’ve supported so far. It’s our intention to continue charity work and set a stellar example for our families, business associates and everyone we come in contact with. Our goal is to inspire and change the world, persistently, one little step at a time.

Our latest donation has been a wonderful project for the Montclair Music Club. Eric, Persist Digital’s CEO and founder came across them on Montclair Patch when they posted a concert event last year. His passion for music piqued his interest in the story behind MMC. 

It turned out to be quite an interesting story! 

I feel lucky to meet the wonderful management of Montclair Music Club and to be able to help them with their website. Highly recommended organization bringing talented musicians for monthly concerts and giving back to community via scholarships to talented young musicians. Has been around for 118 years – wow! 🙂
Eric E. Yildiz, Persist Digital Founder and CEO

This is our CEO with Montclair Music Club during one of the gatherings
This Is Our CEO With Montclair Music Club During One Of The Gatherings

Montclair Music Club – A Place Of Gathering For Music Lovers

Montclair Music Club was founded as a social club in 1901 for those who were trained as classical musicians. It gave artists an opportunity to get to know each other through conversation and performance. For years they gathered at homes, as a private club but soon after they started holding events in public places, like churches. 

Today, MMC is made up of members that include both classical musicians and music lovers. It provides networking and performance opportunities in welcoming, comfortable venues and meets the second Monday from October to May. 

Since we have a great passion for community service, it was a no brainer to step up and offer our assistance to this amazing club. MMC’s goal was to extend and get more members and audiences for their events. Most of their events have been published on Patch and they were very excited to hear that that’s exactly how we found them! Claudia, the leading web and social media manager has been keeping them active on Facebook for a year and a half as well, and less so on Instagram, but they still didn’t have a website. This is where our amazing web design and SEO team stepped in.

MMC Concert
MMC Concert Photo Credit: MMC

How We Made A Difference

Here’s what Montclair Music Club has to say about the work we did for them:

Our non-profit group, Montclair Music Club, is extremely pleased with the website created for us by Persist Digital. The staff was a pleasure to work with and the job was done quickly. They were professional and efficient and created a website that exceeded our expectations. We would give them 6 stars if we could!
Claudia Bognar Sanders

We had been hoping someone would step forward to help us develop a website for quite some time. When you introduced yourself to us, and so generously offered your company’s resources, we could hardly believe our good fortune. Your team got right to work and in a very short period of time, designed exactly what we were envisioning, and more. The website is going to propel our club forward in so many ways. Our thanks to you and your capable team!
Jeanette Kohler

Our team put their hearts into the work and created a beautiful, responsive and user-friendly website that will, no doubt, bring more and more Montclair music lovers to this club. All of the information is conveniently available on an easily digestible and aesthetically pleasing site. Club details and brief biographies of each of the board members are accessible, and membership requests can conveniently be submitted online. A simple contact form makes it a piece of cake to get in touch with the Club. Before the website, events were mostly promoted by handing out printed flyers. Now one of the most valuable additions is the upcoming and past events page. Browse through and get to know the agenda, then visit and enjoy a one of a kind experience that will delight any music lover. 

Take a look at the website: Montclair Music Club

Montclair Music Club Donation
Montclair Music Club Donation

Persist Digital is so proud to have been a part of this project. It was truly a labor of love and we hope that many will reap the benefits from it, just like many of the previous causes we’ve supported have. You can read more about them here: Persist Digital Giving Back.