Freqently Asked

Is Persist Digital team certified for digital marketing?

All employees of Persist Digital are certified in their respective areas of expertise. Our marketing team earned the Google Ads Certification, Google Analytics Certification, Microsoft Development, Sitecore Development, Hubspot Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Inbound Sales certifications. We are also a partner of SEMrush. To help our clients take out the maximum of their online presence and online advertising, we continually educate ourselves on the latest trends and grow our skills. To see all our certificates, please visit

How do you communicate with clients?

Our team always strives to nurture meaningful, strong, and positive relationships with clients and meet their needs. Persist Digital communicates clearly and expertly with its clients in a timely manner. We report on results once a month and update our clients with any urgent matters daily or weekly using Slack, Trello, weekly Zoom meetings, and we meet them face to face occasionally. For urgent communication, we use WhatsApp. This is how we empower our clients to stay up to date with everything that is going on online regarding their business. We also update our clients on industry trends and any upcoming issues. Our account managers let them in on our visions for improving their results and building success, and always explain our plans on turning those visions to reality. We know that making a person-to-person connection trumps all other means of communication, so we always make sure to establish positive human relationships.

Who are Persist Digital team members?

Persist Digital team consists of marketing experts with rich experience, knowledge, and critical skills needed to drive results. Each team member has a laser focus on the task at hand, a clear view of the big picture, the grit to persevere, and approaches any and all challenges with enthusiasm. Learn more about our team here

What industries and clients do you work with?

As a results-driven B2C and B2B digital marketing agency, Persist Digital partners with clients from various industries to achieve their business goals using multi-channel inbound marketing strategies. We provide powerful digital marketing solutions strategically designed for our clients and their business to attract and convert customers and to continually optimize for success.
We successfully serve businesses from the kitchen and bath industry, restaurants, pediatrics, interior design, e-commerce, IT hardware, graphic installation, cleaning, coworking, and event spaces. To learn more about the businesses we work with and see the results achieved, please visit our case studies page.

How do you respond and proceed with client requests?

Persist Digital begins every partnership with carefully and strategically crafted, unique strategy to drive and achieve your business goals. Each strategy offers data and results-driven solutions designed to build awareness, attract more leads, convert prospects, and improve results overall for a specific business. We act as your partner for growth which means that we will respect the level of involvement you wish to have in any decisions, actions, and campaigns. Your account manager will communicate with your clearly and expertly in a timely manner and give you all the information on the strategy, plans, and execution you may need. As your strategic partner, we will respect your priorities, ask for your approval, document communication, and will never lose sight of your needs and expectations.

Would you accept working with my competitor at some point in the future?

Our work ethics and company ethics are strong. We understand that ethics in online marketing is crucial and our processes and services diminish tension between morality and making a profit. Our clients’ success is our success. That being said, we would never accept working with your competitor while we are working with you. On the contrary, we will research your competition to analyze their marketing efforts and give you better results. We will only accept working with clients that belong to the same industry and niche as you from other areas, not yours. Just like we will always provide evidence for any of our claims, we encourage you to read the Reviews on our Google My Business profile and check out our profile on Clutch platform that features only reputable companies and serves as a reliable guide for B2B buying and hiring decisions. See what our former and present clients say about us.

What is your culture and do you have a high employee turnover rate?

Here at Persist Digital, we nurture “work hard, play hard” mentality. As highly accomplished experts in our areas of expertise driven by results, we don’t stop until we deliver, meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. However, our employees are also creatives that expect a certain amount of freedom and fun. We value our clients, but we also value our company culture and we strive to keep our employees engaged by enjoying life and staying motivated to do excellent work. Persist Digital encourages both accountability for goals and desire to play. We organize team outings and yearly retreats and encourage each team member to reach full work-life balance on a daily level. Our team is small and marvelous, more like a family than a company. We support and take care of each other every step of the way. Read more about our values at and the team and company culture at

Do you give guarantees and refunds for your services?

We bring invaluable digital marketing knowledge and expertise to the table. We don’t offer refunds nor we can guarantee the ROI right away, but we guarantee transparency, honesty, open communication, and superior services that are proven to give results. Our clients are always up to date with our activities and campaigns and have an insight into everything we do to support their growth. To see the ROI we generate for our clients, please check our Case Studies and visit Our Services page to check out what we can do for you.

How can I contact you?

Please call us at 973 358 6565 or write to us at [email protected]. We reply to emails as soon as possible, always on the same day and we take calls during office hours. You can also fill out the contact form here.

I want to hire an SEO agency. Where should I look?

You’re already here and the fact you found us tells you that we know SEO like the back of our hand. Please learn more about our SEO Digital Marketing Services and see what we do for our clients in Case Studies. When looking for an SEO agency, companies usually search Google, online review platforms like Yelp, or find them via online or offline ads.

Once I find a list of potential SEO providers, how do I decide which one to go with?

If you have a list of potential SEO providers and you haven’t yet decided which one to hire, there are a few things that can help you bring a decision. Check their reputation, cost, and their own Google rankings. It is also important to make sure of their ability to build brand awareness, increase traffic, land you new clients, and increase social media following. Persist Digital SEO solutions drive traffic, effectively convert your visitors, deliver real results and serious business growth. Using highly reliable and proven SEO techniques and methods, we consistently grow your online leads, qualified calls, and revenue. Learn more about what our SEO Digital Marketing Agency can do for your business. 

What services are included in SEO and what are the benefits?

These are the SEO services we include in our convenient custom packages: Strategic Planning, Competitor Analysis, Keyword Planning, Website Architecture, Website Optimization, Audit & Initial Optimization, Social Media Setup & Optimization, Consultation, SEO Audit, Content Management and Marketing, Custom Landing Page Design, Geo-Targeted Page Management, Video Production and Marketing, Google Adwords Management, Facebook Ads Management, Link Building, Optimization & Outreach, Business Listings Management, Reputation Management with our professional tool, User Behavior Analysis and UX Optimizations, Social Media Management, Google My Business Optimization and Weekly Posts, Google Search Console Optimization, Call Tracking, Custom built lead forms, Monthly Service Reports, Monthly Performance Reports, B2B Outreach, Email Marketing.
You can pick between Pro, Advanced, Leader, and Custom SEO package. Our SEO specialists will make sure to help you choose the one that will give the best results for your business.

Benefits of SEO are many, from enabling you to reach more people in your area, catch the attention of those who are looking for your products and services, to helping you drive more people to your store before your competition does. SEO is one of the most powerful online methods that can make a huge impact on the most important goals of your business or brand, like increasing your leads and sales. With SEO, you specifically target and reach consumers and potential customers only when they want to hear from you or when they are ready to make a purchase. Also, with SEO, you don’t need to pay for ads. A well-written and properly optimized page will organically attract visitors to your website for months. Imagine what will do a well-written and properly optimized content on the whole of your website, content that is regularly updated and improved, for your business. SEO is an important part of any successful marketing strategy.