Giving Back to Our Communities

Persist Digital creates meaningful, trusting relationships and gives back to our communities through donating services or money to the causes and organizations close to our hearts.

Giving Back

The gift of giving as a model of living

Meaningfully supporting the communities in which we live and work is a shared value that connects each member of our team.

Giving back is at the heart of Persist Digital.

We strive to support nonprofit, charity, and educational organizations with technology, digital marketing services, and strategic money donations.

From the beginning, giving back was one of our best decisions because it created a culture that attracts and keeps the best people. This kind of culture allows us to drive and bring positive changes, support and help those who need help, and to do good in our communities.

Persist Digital helps its employees turn their passion for giving and helping to action. We encourage each other to donate our talents and time through various volunteer activities. The company itself strives to keep finding the right organizations that can benefit from our expertise. Whether we want to make personal contributions or we help as a team on a larger scale, we always give our best and we put our hearts and souls into it.

Don’t take our word for it

Our approach

We don’t wait for people to find us. Instead, we tap into our extensive networks on two continents to uncover diverse organizations and individuals who drive positive changes. We approach them and offer our support.

Our Approach

Discover our impact

We are humbled for having a chance to help these valuable initiatives and change-makers in their communities.

Changing The Tune: A Contribution To Montclair Music Club

Persist Digital team created a beautiful, responsive and user-friendly website for Montclair Music Club. This was truly a labor of love and we hope that many will reap benefits from it. 

The power of charity - Persist Digital

Persist Digital team visited Svratiste, a local children’s shelter in Belgrade, Serbia, to donate money, clothes, food, and hygiene products among other things.


Peace Islands Institute integrates and promotes dignity, love, and diversity by letting the creative juices flow, so we wanted to make their website match their vision! Keep reading to learn more about Art and Essay contest and why we chose to work with them for free.


We collaborated with Compassion Action, a charitable foundation that supports kindness, humanity, and mercy while serving the needs of African American communities through social, cultural, educational and religious programs.

Persist Digital's Contribution to Peace Islands Institute

We worked with the Peace Islands Institute, not once but twice! Our main task this time around was website redesign.

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