Google My Business Listing Issues and How to Fix Them

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How to merge duplicate Google My Business Listings including reviews?

Interestingly Google My Business Dashboard does not have a feature to select duplicate listings and merge them. You can close or remove the listing but if you like to carry over the hardly earned reviews you are stuck. Luckily there is still a way to do this even though time consuming but I think totally worth it.


[As of October 2017] Google associates need the 2 listings to be exactly same otherwise they are not able to start merge process. Below info should be identical in both listings. You can simply edit one and match with the other.

  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Website
  • Hours


Once your business listings are identical Google will require you to submit additional visual proof such as the storefront or an inside image proving the info on the listing. For example:

Duplicate 1:  X Pediatrics

Duplicate 2: X Pediatrics Dr Y

My request was to remove the Dr name and merge the 2 listings. They wanted to see a storefront sign without Dr name to make sure we can rename the listing.


Once all info is properly setup they redirect the request to a specialist who calls you after a short time period.

How to reach Google for Google My Business Support

I recommend getting in touch with Google My Business support via one of these options and ask for help if none of the info online works for you:

Talk to a specialist