Graphic Installation

Visual Application, Sign Fabrication and Printing Service

Graphic Installation is a crew of expertly trained and highly experienced professionals specialized in visual application and sign installation, sign fabrication, and printing. Based in New York, New Jersey, and Boston, Graphic Installation crew serves businesses nationwide and provides detailed, efficient, and cost-effective service.

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ROI Results
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ROI Results
Graphic Installation Case Study


The client approached us looking to promote and establish online reputation as a leading graphic installation services provider in the United States. They wanted to improve their online presence, so they asked us to completely redesign and take their website to the next level, run content marketing and social media management, and optimize content for search engines. Their ultimate goal was to get more leads and acquire larger clients nationwide.

Our Approach

When Persist Digital team started analyzing Graphic Installation website and online presence, we discovered that their website got hacked and was blacklisted from Google. There were 23,000 spammy links and no quality backlinks. The situation was almost non-existent online reputation and zero chances of acquiring new clients through the website or any online channels.


Our team mapped the entire domain and saved the infected website by taking next steps:

– Performing analysis, audit, and mapped the entire website

– Identifying infected folders

– Removing malicious code and viruses

– Deleting backdoors scripts

– Removing injected spams

– Restoring the website

– Creating a strategy and ensuring current and future safety

– Advising client to buy SSL certificate

— Improving security issues on entire domain

– Running virus scan regularly and testing for security vulnerabilities

— Disavowing more than 18,000 backlinks


The website was recovered from malware and removed from security blacklists. We cleaned the website from viruses, submitted it for a new scan to antivirus platforms and security providers like McAffee and got green light on all. We cleaned more than 23,000 toxic backlinks and successfully recovered the website from penalty. Our experts cleaned more than 26,000 indexed pages from torrent websites while the website was hacked. The rankings lost due to outdated and insecure, hacked website were recovered. Our ultimate goal was to increase overall trust and credibility through restored website security. Currently website is ranking for 60 keywords in top 100 results with 11 keywords on first 2 pages.

When we made sure Graphic Installation website is secure, we started improving other aspects of their online presence. Our team redesigned the website to reflect their branding and authenticity, created new logo, improved overall site architecture and navigation to enable easier browsing and a better experience through improved content experience. We built out a digital marketing strategy that attracted companies and individuals who were looking for visual applications installation, fabrication and printing. Each of the services Graphic Installation offers got its own page on the website with content optimized for search engines and a photo gallery to showcase and prove the quality of work our client provides. Our team implemented a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS. The new Graphic Installation website is mobile-friendly user experience. Visitors can quickly see work hours, address, contact information, services provided, industries they serve, and projects showcase. Services pages content delivers informational and relevant content to each visitor. We also created a business presence on social media and Google My Business for this client.

GI Results

Services Used in the Process:

From web design, development and maintenance, to content strategy and marketing, we supported this client on their path to growth.