Showcase Cabinets Like a Rock Star [ Screenshot Examples ]

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We Showcase Cabinets Since 2013

How to Showcase Cabinets Like a Pro

Even though we are aware there is an actual date back in 2013 when Persist first started, we feel like we have been in the Kitchen and Bath online marketing business for as long as we can remember. Or – forever. We have this impression because somewhere along the line we started feeling like we are playing in our own backyard where we present projects that showcase cabinets.

For the majority of our clients, kitchen and bath business is their playground. You can say that we sort of have regular playdates going on for us when we play in the same field. That is planning, implementing, monitoring, and following up on results of sales and marketing strategy efforts. But, typically, it’s not that simple. While we share the same interest in the overall results, it is not always that clear to a kitchen and bath business just what is it exactly that they need. Or how much we can help. Let’s try to point out the importance of a solid online marketing strategy that includes a showcase cabinets strategy.

Why You Should Hire Persist Agency for the Showcase Cabinets Projects

We have been around the Kitchen and Bath Businesses and showcase kitchens NJ online presence for quite some time. We know exactly where to start from. In order to make your local SEO game strong, we start from building and improving your website. It is a representation of your company/business/brand. We are here to explain to you that you really do need your best work featured from the website, through Houzz, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. along with well-optimized, unique content on each platform.

You want to gain and/or increase traffic? For a better understanding of what we can do to advance your digital results and make your success stories into online projects, here’s how we go about it. Have a careful look, then go ahead, contact us for a free Internet Marketing analysis today! 😉 

Showcasing success to drive sales
Showcasing your Projects is investing in the future of your business

Attracting Traffic and Customers to Your Kitchen and Bath Showroom and Online Store

Showcase Cabinets Locally Using Our SEO Techniques

Thousands of users from your city are online right now looking for services or products just like yours. What are you doing to reach them? Why wait? Showcase kitchens NJ or in any other state or city today. 

We showcase your content which we optimize for Local SEO services. Starting from your website, that is the equivalent of the first meeting you have with your customer. You know what they say: you can never have a second chance to make the first impression! A solid search engine optimization of your website content can make it friendly for Local SEO Solutions. For example, small improvements to your title tags, images optimization, structuring the URLs, etc. can help boost your website. All for Local SEO Marketing purposes, of course. This is just to get your attention on the subject of your online success.
Local SEO Checklist depends mainly on the 2 factors: business location data and the overall star rating of business. Now, under location data, there are things like full contact that you need to register with the Google. That means you are eligible to assemble your Google My Business profile. This Google’s mechanism also cleverly prevents misrepresentation and fraud attempts, so thank you Google for all your help!

Local SEO Techniques Working
Majority of the visitors are from NJ and NY

Although a lot of factors play a role in deciding your search engine ranking, working on the above can help boost your local SEO efforts. Such is a push that we gave our dearest & oldest client Aqua Kitchen & Bath Design Center. We showcase their kitchens NJ and Google Business Listing Improved making their Kitchen and Bath Showroom bloom!

Top GEO Traffic
Top GEO traffic acquired by Local SEO efforts

Always go where Your Target Audience Is!

…and they will follow back! Towards that end, your business needs a strong digital presence that includes Social Media Marketing Services, where Showcase Cabinets game is strong. Carefully curated Social Media Services management definitely counts as essential “ammunition”. You want to use it to capture sales-ready leads. And only a multi-channel, fully integrated marketing campaign that covers PPC Marketing Services makes those kinds of leads.

Starting from brand awareness, we first make sure people know your business, your brand, and line of products or services you offer, continuing on to generating leads and filling up the sales funnel. And last but not the least, taking care and informing your current customers. The next part of a business plan for kitchen and bath online presence is content creation, where we really make your content shine bright like a star that will attract customers to your local showroom and/or online store.

How to Use Pinterest to Showcase Cabinets and Drive Traffic to Your Business Landing Pages

Starting from the name itself, Pinterest means that people find themselves there on purpose, searching for Pins based on Interest. What we mean when we say that it would be a bad business decision for your Kitchen and Bath Business to go on without utilizing the power of Pinterest Marketing strategy? For our clients, we have had the greatest success on Pinterest by consistently pinning projects and showcasing cabinets. When you have successfully completed a project, the first thing you would want is to have it neatly presented on your website. Next step is to promote it, or – to drive traffic to it. It’s an opportunity to showcase kitchens you designed and built. And, of course, a good Return Of Investment (ROI) in online marketing.

Utilize the showcasing power of Pinterest
Utilize the showcasing power of Pinterest

Pinterest is Increasingly Becoming an Inspiration Hub

Not just for the creative incentive, it is also an infinite DIY tips & tricks source, but also to discover articles of their choice. So, how do we do it? How do we Showcase Cabinets on Pinterest?
We start by creating a Board specifically for your Project. Naming your Pinterest board with keywords related to your project makes it more likely to be indexed by the search engines. This will make it easy for your Followers to find your success stories, connect with your website and ultimately contact you leading it right to your stuff skillful leads-into-prospects-into-buyers converting hands.

Your Showcase Cabinets Projects on Pinterest are Accurate and Sugar-Coated Summary

Enriched with SEO for the best results, great visuals/pictures that build the project: starting from the blueprints, followed by the visual representation of the process, and most importantly – the end result. Consistency in the pinning schedule is the next item on the checklist. We start by creating boards that resonate with both your business and your niche market while presenting your project. Pins of mixed content like products, household tips, lifestyle images and more, all revolving around your Board theme – Kitchen Showcase. Post related links back to your Showcase Kitchen and Bath, too.

Showcase Cabinets on Pinterest results for May 2018
Pinterest driven landing pages for May 2018

Shown above are the most recent results, for May 2018, for Aqua’s Pinterest Profile. More precisely, you can see the first 10 landing pages that were visited from the Pinterest profile. The number of sessions with the accompanying durations suggests that the efforts clearly paid off here. Not only that, these figures all together point out the effect of steady, long-term Pinterest Marketing Strategy.

Instagram, That Natural Showcase Display

To leave out the power of Instagram, when it comes to showcasing kitchens NJ and in other areas, overall digital marketing would be another bad decision. Instagram is here to stay, and so is your business. Combining the two is worth the work. Instagram is all about the visuals. And what could be a better way to Showcase Cabinets than with a nice shot shoot of your successfully architected design? Adding value to a fuss-free environment that initiates the curiosity of the visitor. You want to be there to capture that moment and make it work your kitchen and bath business sales, by showing the audience that you are the best at what you do.

Use Instagram to Showcase your Work
Instagram, the natural Showcase Canvas

Don’t Underestimate the Showcasing Power of Houzz

Your service or product deserves to be in the spotlight. Every project you successfully finish has an accompanying story that can be presented by descriptions and visuals into an amazing Project space.
Houzz audiences want targeted personalization. It is turning content into personalized stories, connecting on an emotional level to the user. You can really connect to a visitor by presenting your work. All the Ideabooks are actually your business reaching out to the audience and offering solutions, solving their problems. You are at the same time contributing inspiration, so they will eventually turn to your business for the realization. Houzz is like a small website. In addition to the one you already have, your kitchen and bath business is an SEO ready, audience-ready, sales-ready, well-optimized web platform.

Sales and marketing strategy goals
Offering Solutions and Ideas by Showcasing your Successful Projects on Houzz

While showcasing your Projects and offering Inspirational Ideabook, your business is opening up to potential new customers. The combination of your creativity and craftsmanship displayed in Houzz profile positions your business high in the minds of the audience. It sends a strong signal to the general online public, the one that can and will convert them into customers.

How to Showcase Cabinets Today for your Business’s Tomorrow

Top traffic May 2018
The Acquisition of Traffic for May 2018

What happens when you Showcase Cabinets the right way? Here is an example of the last month’s results from our client Aqua Kitchen & Bath Design Center that showcase kitchens NJ so you can see for yourself. Thorough content optimization leads to better ROI. You need to know where your business ranks online in terms of search engine rankings. Even if you are not sure, you should definitely look into it. Let us take care of your projects content optimization and make showcase cabinets successful in attracting customers. We know how to promote your success and making it work in attracting more sales. Analytics tools for social media platforms are evolving. They are becoming more detailed and so more valuable for your business. We know how to use that data in crafting more personalized content for your audience.

Being out there at the right time, at the right place.

Top Channels for May 2018
The Results of Online Sales and Marketing Strategy for May 2018

This visual shows the most current statistics and the achievements of a solid online presence. It is a result of carefully placing the right content for the right customers, at the right platform. More than 50% of the traffic is coming from Organic Search. More precisely, 64.6%. Impressive, right? Next figure is the traffic driven by Social Media presence, 11.3%. This is in line with the Direct, which goes to show that the brand is well established and searched for, as well as followed by customers. Paid traffic is at a minimum of 10%. That is so to say mandatory, in terms of acquiring new attention, and also favoring the social and search engine platforms.
You need to advertise online, just have to be smart about it. Like we are with our client’s budget.

To Showcase Cabinets Is To Show Your Successful Way Of Conducting a Project

Do you know where your business ranks online, and do people even know about your list of services and products? And if they do, what do they think about your Projects, your creativity, your crew’s skills, your punctuality, customer service, etc. Your business needs is a carefully curated online presence, one that constantly reminds the online public of your achievements in the domain of Kitchen and Bath design and remodelling. This particular niche craves for creativity incentives, being so a great background for Showcasing Pros. Your Successful Project + Our Showcase Cabinets Expertise = ROI for the both of us, so no question about the motives. Our investment is in our skills as project showcasing experts. When the work combines the aim, the results are following shortly!

Online presence that works like a clock
To Showcase Cabinets as an Essential Part of a Well Thought Online Presence

Don’t just put money in your online presence, invest smartly! Let’s work together, and present your successful Projects to the online world. Call us for a consultation, and a free estimate, and we’ll take it from there.