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Persist Digital is a premier marketing agency for Kitchen & Bath Marketing with over 5 years of experience, strong references, and passion to make our clients leading businesses and brands in their area.
Take your business to the top level, develop your digital presence, strengthen your brand, expand client reach, and drive more sales.
We are Kitchen & Bath Marketing experts that love creating successful stories!
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Kitchen and Bath SEO

Start Advertising Locally with Persist DigitalOur SEO specialists will make sure you get to your customers before your competition.

We will help you:

  Be the first in your area for your target keywords.

  Reach your target market, drive customers directly to your showroom, and increase foot traffic.

  Optimize your Google My Business listing to perfection.

Grow Trust with Reputation ManagementOur Kitchen & Bath Marketing experts will help you improve your brand or business image online and increase your credibility.

We will help you:

  Acquire more authentic & more quality customer reviews on Google, Yelp,
Houzz, and Facebook.

  Proudly display your reviews and ratings on your website and promote on social media. Let everyone know why you are the best.

  Monitor your reviews, respond to both positive and negative ones, repair a damaged online reputation, and outrank negative reviews.

Reputation Management
Content Services Persist Digital

Attract Customers using Content MarketingOur copywriters specialized in Kitchen & Bath Marketing will create a unique content strategy just for your business, write top-performing content, and promote it on relevant channels.

We will:

 Strategically plan and create highly targeted content on your website to promote your products and services.

  Address your customers’ pain points, educate them on your services and products, entice and inspire them.

 Promote your content on social media and other relevant online channels to expand your audience.

Increase Leads through HouzzPersist Digital will connect you with homeowners and interior designers through one of the most important social platforms focused around interior design and residential industry.
We will:

  Build up your Houzz profile by creating Projects and Ideabooks with unique SEO optimized custom content.

  Establish you as an expert by joining conversations, helping potential customers, and increasing awareness about your brand.

 Increase the number of reviews on Houzz through our automated review management tool.

Kitchen and Bath Houzz Marketing
Kitchen Marketing

Increase Sales with Smart Paid AdvertisementsAlthough we mostly focus on organic marketing, our PPC specialists will help you increase traffic, visibility, engagement, generate more leads and increase sales using paid advertisements.

We will:

 Research, test, and adapt your ads for the best results and the fastest growth of your business.

  Constantly optimize paid search, display, and social advertisements, or a combination of these, and prevent you from wasting your money.

 Advertise you on multiple channels like AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Influence Purchasing Decisions with Social MediaOur social media experts will craft a simple but unique social media strategy for the long-term success of your kitchen & bath showroom. Inspire, educate, inform, and motivate your fans and customers.

We will help you:

  Build and maintain your social media profiles with rich content, including custom produced videos.

  Create unique posts optimized for each channel.

 Grow your fan base, increase awareness about your kitchen & bath showroom, and generate more leads.

Social Media

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We know how to get you the results you want, highlight your strengths, expand your reach, and help you build meaningful relationships with your customers. We’ve been guiding kitchen & bath showrooms in NY and NJ like yours for more than 5 years, helping them gain new leads, increase sales, and motivate customers to keep coming back to their kitchen & bath showrooms.

Let us do the same for you! Our deep understanding of kitchen & bath business, relevant expertise, and skillful, specialized team will make your business skyrocket.