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Naturalist is a retail concept that was born in the heart of New York City that offers a curated selection of the world’s very best home furnishing and home decor brands with a focus on sustainability and ethically sourced materials. With main focus on Resin & Epoxy Woodworking, as well as on Live Edge Wood Furniture, Naturalist believes in honoring crafts that have stood the test of time and wants to ensure they are not replaced by mass-manufacturing. All of Naturalist products have a unique perspective and a different story to tell. Naturalist retail footprint includes stores in New York, Washington D.C, New Jersey and Turkey, with more locations in the horizon.

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Naturalist Case Study


When Naturalist approached us, they had many great products to highlight. They asked us to boost their online organic rankings, improve their paid ad performances, and boost brand awareness. There was some basic SEO work already done and there were some active PPC campaigns in place but Persist Digital needed to perform a thorough analysis and optimize all to its high standards and continue with monthly activities. Another goal was to offer a better overall experience in exploring and presenting products, to start content creation — product pages and blog posts, and make the website experience pleasurable and intuitive to navigate. High-end look for the website was one of the imperatives.

Drive awareness and understanding of Naturalist concept to the US market through SEO strategy, content marketing, and PPC strategy
Revise existing content and develop content strategy to support key messages and feature products, unique design, and innovation by Naturalist.
Improve Resin & Epoxy Woodworking and Live Edge Furniture product offerings
Find a solution to showcase products in a more appealing and more attractive way
Implement a fully responsive solution with navigation and performance established for current mobile best practices, all backed by Shopify
Enable easier browsing and a more user-friendly experience on the website
Improve and nurture organic traffic
Create outreach strategy to contact interior designers and manage outreach activities on a monthly basis
Improve and maintain an excellent reputation
Start and maintain Naturalist presence on Houzz

Our Approach

As the only company in the U.S. that does clear resin & epoxy furniture and with an inventory of different sizes of resin tables, Naturalist had a great offer on which to build SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing strategy. However, when Naturalist approached us, they didn’t have any major key clients yet and they needed to get the word out about their superior and unique furniture products. They also had no reputation management system in place and weren’t present enough on Houzz, a channel very important for their industry. We decided to revise and revamp the whole website user experience to truly engage visitors through improved website navigation, to deliver unique, personalized content, and provide a slick and 100% responsive mobile website experience. As a trusted interior design and furniture resource, Naturalist needed to showcase key content and educate visitors on the uses and benefits of Resin & Epoxy Woodworking, and Live Edge Wood Furniture, while raising awareness in the U.S. market.


We connected the client with over 1000 interior designers in the NJ and NYC area, opening many opportunities and creating leads. From almost 0 visitors, Persist Digital made a big change and started bringing Naturalist 1,390 visitors per month. Out of these 1,390 visitors, 522 were organic visits, 467 visits from social media channels, 393 direct visits, 18 referral visits. After 8 months, we ranked Naturalist for 655 keywords. Our designers came up with a functional and elegant solution to showcase their products on the website while content marketers made sure all the products were displayed and promoted on Houzz, too.

Naturalist Case Study

Services Used In The Process: 

From research, data analysis, SEO, PPC, web design, content marketing, and outreach to reputation management and digital strategy, we supported this client on their path to growth.