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Network Devices Inc. is a provider of enterprise IT hardware products, mostly Cisco and Juniper, both new and refurbished, located in Moonachie, NJ. They provide support, pre-sales consulting and recommendations for optimum products and services, as well as after-sales service, fast delivery of orders, and installation assistance in the tri-state area. This is one of the fastest growing Cisco Hardware Resellers in the North East American Region.

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Network Devices INC case study


The company approached us looking for help to improve their website design, organic traffic, conversions, reputation, and to improve online presence and visibility overall with the final goal to increase their sales. They invested in the Shopify website and organic + paid advertisements.


  • Improve overall site architecture and navigation to enable easier browsing and a more user-friendly experience
  • Create a more visual product story with improved navigation and filtering
  • Create an SEO strategy and dramatically improve SEO performance
  • Decrease bounce rate through stronger content strategy and engaging inter-site navigation
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by Shopify
  • Establish presence on social media through social sharing

Our Approach:

We started working on improving online visibility in April 2018. At the time, the client didn’t have any keywords ranking in the top 100 results on Google. Their website was very basic and design was poor. When we approached designing Network Devices’ website, we adopted a holistic style and the ‘less is more’ approach with the goal to showcase the products, to guide users to get the information they need easily and quickly, to increase the website speed, and to encourage conversions.


49 leads in total — $21,315 in revenue
Real SEO results in June 2018 (according to data)

– 14 keywords on the first page

– 139 keywords on the second page

– 486 keywords from position 21 to 50

– 753 keywords from position 51 to 100

With SEO research, analysis, and implementation, we made a tremendous improvement in organic traffic and conversions in less than 4 months. In that period of time, their website was ranking for close to 1400 keywords in the top 100 results, dominating search results for their products.

Network Devices INC case study

Persist Digital design team came up with a functional and elegant solution that displays all their products and information in a clear and concise way. We implemented Live Chat and better contact forms to deliver a better experience for everyone who uses their website. We dramatically improved website user experience through relevant and useful content and intuitive search capabilities, custom contact forms, and live chat.

We established their presence on social media channels.

Services Used In The Process:

From research, data analysis, SEO, web design, and content marketing, to digital strategy support every step of the way, we supported this client on their path to growth.