Persist Digital Retreat: Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

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Persist Digital team came together again for our annual retreat at the beginning of August. As a remote company, we cherish the moments we get to spend together for both work and teambuilding. This year was especially fun as our company has grown and we’re starting to get used to a bigger team dynamic.

Keep reading to find out how we learned to improve our communication, compromise and grow together all the while having an incredible time, enjoying delicious food and nature of Zlatibor.

Zlatibor – The Perfect Spot For An Active Team

Our chosen destination for 2019 retreat was Zlatibor, by far beating all the other options and we’re so glad we chose it! Zlatibor is a very popular alpine tourist resort in Serbia, with beautiful nature, terrific food, and an assortment of activities that will keep you entertained. The last bit was very important to the team, since last year’s destination was a bit isolated, with limited options for entertainment. Zlatibor, on the contrary, has various hiking trails, numerous restaurants, a breathtaking zipline, and a few amusement parks, among other things!

It was crucial that the destination should be kid-friendly as well. At Persist Digital we put a lot of significance into our work, but we never forget that family comes first. Once again, the team members were accompanied by their families and significant others, and of course, we didn’t want them to get bored while we were working! So Zlatibor was the perfect destination!

Day One Of The Team Retreat: The Trip and Bumper Cars!

Our team works remotely, so for this retreat, we were gathering from all over Serbia and the USA! With a mix of feelings, from exhausted to extremely excited (yes, we’re looking at you kids), we finally reached our destination. After a meet and greet and check-in, we decided to go downtown and explore.

Our resort was up on a small hill, in a very peaceful setting with beautiful greenery and a pool, but the town center was bustling with life. We joined in and soon forgot all about our exhaustion.

Our first stop was a small amusement park with bumper cars! Needless to say, we spent the next couple of hours in childish glee, laughing and ignoring the forming bruises that will last a while, but definitely shorter than the wonderful memories we will treasure forever.

Persist Digital Retreat 2019

Day Two Of The Team Retreat: All Hands On Deck Meeting and Dinosaurs!

The second day of the retreat was our most productive day. We woke up well-rested and gathered in a little gazebo to hold our monthly business and strategy meeting. Though we joked about texting instead of talking as we normally do on Slack, it was great and much more efficient to discuss things face to face.

After discussing the general points of the business, we went in a circle and suggested ideas and improvements for each of our areas of expertise which allowed for insightful feedback from teammates. And not only that, discussing things openly made us realize some redundancies and helped us create new processes that will make us much more productive.

After the meeting, it was time for some team and family fun at the Dino Park! The kids were thrilled they got to see big dinosaur models, baby goats, and ponies, while the team enjoyed refreshing drinks at the park cafe.

Persist Digital Dino Park Adventures
Adventures at the Dino Park

Day Three Of The Team Retreat: One-on-Ones and Zipline!

The third day of the retreat was reserved for one-on-one meetings with our CEO. We each got valuable face time to discuss our goals, professional growth, and performance at Persist Digital. It’s invaluable that the team leaders stay in touch with their employees, and at our company, we put a lot of effort into keeping our promise: employees first.

After the meetings and a little argument with GPS, we arrived to Serbia’s highest zipline! The view was incredible, and though it took some of us a little liquid courage, we made it to the other side! As we were getting ready to take photos and leave, we were caught in warm summer rain and got a glimpse of a beautiful rainbow over the Zlatibor mountains.

After zipline, we decided to take a little hike to Zlatibor Spomenik. It was trying but definitely worth it! Check out the pics!

Zipline and Hiking on Zlatibor
We loved Zipline and Hiking on Zlatibor

Day Four Of The Team Retreat: Final Meeting and Farewells

Our wonderful team retreat has come to an end. The final morning we shared our impressions, the lessons, and ideas for next year’s retreat. We are hoping to take the retreat abroad next year! As our team grows so do our plans and ambitions, and we can’t wait to fulfill them all.

On that beautiful bittersweet morning, filled with hugs and laughs, we’ve said our farewells, but it won’t be for long. Stay tuned for more of our adventures. They’re coming.