PPC Management Services

Goal Focused PPC Management Services for More Conversions & More Sales

Persist Digital PPC specialists combine ad messaging, highly targeted keywords, and premium website experience to create a powerful, persuasive, and consistent message and produce more sales.

Generate high-quality traffic, increase conversions, acquire new customers fast, and get more for your money with Persist Digital.

Our PPC Management Services make sure your business appears at the top of search engines. By rigorously testing, analyzing, and optimizing each and every aspect of your campaigns, we grow your business to the next level.

PPC management Services

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Basic Plan

    • Up to $2,500 monthly PPC spend

    • Up to 400 keywords in campaign

    • $1,000 one-time setup fee

  • $350

    per month

Aggressive Plan

    • 2,501 to $15,000 monthly PPC spend

    • Up to 2,000 keywords in campaign

    • $1,750 one-time setup fee

  • 14%

    of monthly budget

Market Leader Plan

    • $15,000+ monthly PPC spend

    • Up to 10,000 keywords in campaign

    • $2,500 one-time setup fee

  • 12%

    of monthly budget

We’ve generated over

18 M +

in client revenue

We’ve generated 

127 K +

leads for our clients

In 10 years

66 K +

phone calls generated


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Transparent PPC Management Services That Make Your Conversions Boom

PPC management Services


Get a dedicated account manager, a PPC Management Expert, who will provide you with weekly updates and respond promptly to any questions you may have about your campaigns. We track and tweak your campaigns on a daily and weekly level and make sure our PPC specialists, account managers, web developers, and designers work on your campaigns for the best results.

PPC management Services

No Autopilot

Persist Digital never leaves your PPC campaigns on autopilot. Our PPC specialists manually manage your campaigns on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to continually improve performance, pull new customers to your business without delay, and ensure maximum results at all times. Impeccable account performance and making improvements quickly are our top priorities.

PPC management Services

Killer Results

Even small budgets can achieve amazing results! When we take over a new PPC account, we not only maintain it — we set new goals and new high scores. Improvement, refinement, excellence — this is what drives our PPC specialists. We will be happy to show you how much we can improve and perfect your campaigns, drive the cost down and increase conversions.

Outshine Your Competition with Our PPC Management Services

Paid Search

Our PPC Specialists make sure you advertise at the right moment to the right people — those who are actively looking to buy your product or service. We set up your campaigns and put you in front of your potential customers, continually monitor, analyze, optimize and improve your PPC campaigns to ensure the best results possible at lower cost.

Display Advertising

Persist Digital makes sure to proactively and consistently target new potential clients and customers by placing engaging, highly relevant ads in front of those users who are most likely to convert. With Display Advertising, we will promote your products, establish your brand, build awareness around it, and keep your business on your audience’s radar at all times.


Google Remarketing, Dynamic Retargeting, and Social Retargeting will reach your audience and make sure to keep your brand, products, or services in front of those customers who left without converting. This is an ongoing reminder that is subtle enough not to disturb your target audience but still aggressive enough not to let them forget about you have to offer.

AdWords Audit

Persist Digital PPC Specialists analyze and audit accounts every day to discover new opportunities for growth and improvement. By conducting regular and meticulous Adwords Audits we make sure you pay less for more clicks. We ensure your accounts send clicks to high-converting landing pages, eliminate non-relevant keywords, and increase profitability consistently.

Facebook Advertising

At Persist Digital, we know how to use Facebook advertising and create amazing results for your business. With 1.55 billion monthly active users, Facebook is probably the most important social media channel besides Instagram that you need to advertise on. We know how to effectively target audience and drive user engagement to get the max out of your advertising budget.

Instagram Advertising

With over 700 million monthly active users, Instagram is the second most important social media that you can benefit from. With laser-focused targeting, we will implement superior strategies that will get your brand, product, or service noticed and remembered on Instagram. The ads we set will engage your target customers while we keep your costs low and conversion rates high.

LinkedIn Advertising

If your business needs B2B marketing, we highly recommend LinkedIn Advertising. Use highly relevant, direct ads to target decision-makers and key people in companies you are interested in. This is one of our PPC Marketing Services where we optimize your ads for maximum results and create the right strategy to bring your business more possibilities.

Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are the best form of PPC advertising for e-commerce and other online merchants. We will structure your Shopping Ads or Product Listing Ads Campaign to generate more profit and the amount of traffic you need to sell your products. We will also optimize your product feed and ensure all the descriptions, titles, and attributes are set up correctly.

When we started working with Aqua Kitchen and Bath, their goal was to increase the performance of Google Ads by bringing a higher quality of leads while increasing lead volume, reducing the average cost per conversion, improving brand recognition while executing a great overall PPC management strategy. So far, these are the results we achieved. On Facebook, we produced 719,394 ad impressions and nearly 10,000 clicks. On Google Ads, we produced 2,826,984 ad impressions, 52,568 clicks, 822 conversions with average CPC of $1.86. Together with indirect Google Hosted conversions, we brought 1,278 conversions.

Aqua Case Study

How Persist Digital PPC Management Services Help Businesses Grow

Persist Digital offers complete PPC Management Services. Whether you need a complete service, month-to-month management, or just a one-time help to improve your campaigns, we are here for you and will be happy to assist. Please see our PPC Management Packages above to find out what solution fits your needs best.

Our PPC Management Services are based on this process:

#1. Client Owns the PPC Account

Any PPC account is an asset. You should own your account regardless of who manages it because you paid for it.

#2: Get a Special Advertising Specialist Assigned to Your Account

Persist Digital will assign a highly experienced PPC specialist to learn all about your business, research your competition, create a unique strategy that will work for you, and successfully run your campaigns.

#3: Optimize for Conversions

As a business, you naturally care about leads and sales, not impressions, click-through-rate, impressions, and other metrics. Persist Digital PPC Management Services optimize for the results you expect, understand, and care about.

#4: Explore New Opportunities with the Right Keywords

We will thoroughly research keywords to find the most cost-effective ones and explore new opportunities for your business. We will explore competition, measure search traffic and costs to find the most relevant and best-performing keywords for your campaign.

#5: Create Ads

Our PPC Management Services are designed to develop highly effective ads. We write ads, target specific keywords, and A/B split test the ads to be able to identify high-performing ads.

#6: Monitor and Optimize

We keep an eye on your ads and never leave them on autopilot. Identifying low-performing ads fast and detecting the reasons behind their low performance lets us improve and launch new ads in order to keep the best results coming.

#7: Reporting

Our PPC specialists provide straightforward monthly reports that you can easily understand. We optimize for the metrics you care about and see value in. This is exactly what we report on, too. Every month, we provide you with last month’s PPC ads performance and review. All of our PPC Management Packages include this service.

Contact Persist Digital Today to Outperform Your Competition

To make your Google Ads PPC and Social Media PPC campaigns successful, our PPC specialists will need to understand your business, brand, products, services, your goals, and your needs. We will also research and define the most relevant, best performing, and the most cost-effective keywords. After we realize your target audience and research your competition, we will create and/or optimize your PPC campaigns.

We provide PPC campaigns that actually work. Running search engine advertising campaigns on a daily basis gained us wealthy experience and unbeatable expertise.

Integrity, transparency, expertise, great work, and professionalism make Persist Digital your trusted source that makes sure you get the most for your money.

To see what each of our PPC Management Services include, please see our PPC management packages pricing table above.

Contact us if you need a PPC campaign strategy, Paid Search, Display Advertising, Shopping Google Ads, Adwords Audit, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn advertising. Our PPC specialists are ready to answer any questions you may have. Talk to an expert today, explore our PPC Management Packages Contact us and find out how we can support your business.

We have the Answers about PPC Management Services You’re Looking for

  • What is PPC Management?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management is a process of strategizing, managing, and overseeing the spending of PPC ads. The goal is to maximize the value and ROI while minimizing the overall spend. It is best when done by a dedicated specialist at a digital marketing company. PPC includes keyword analysis, channel strategy, monitoring, competitive analysis, negative match, A/B testing, and reporting.

  • What’s Included in PPC Services?

When starting PPC Services with a client, Persist Digital first meets with a client for a discovery meeting. Then our PPC specialists research client’s industry, competitors, and keywords. After that, we specify conversion actions, define targets and goals. We create and/or optimize a landing page. Defining and setting campaigns, ad groups and writing ad copy are the next steps. Next, we pre-launch review and, finally, launch campaigns. We continually review campaigns and optimize them, never leaving them out of sight or leaving them on auto-pilot. Your dedicated PPC specialist will report to you regularly.

  • How do You Price PPC Management?

PPC pricing is dynamic and to answer this question there is no here is no one-size fits all answer. Specialists will control PPC budgets of their clients and decrease or increase ad spend depending on its performance and purpose, and as they see fit. There are many ways to pay or charge for PPC services. Some of these are Percentage of Spend, Percentage of Profits, by a Number of Managed Keywords, Per Click, Pay by the Hour, or Fixed Monthly Fee. Some agencies may include Additional Fees (for example, for a software they may use to perform PPC activities).