How to Promote a Local Business with Google Small Thanks

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In a world where online reviews matter more with each day, especially those on Google, we at Persist Digital Agency were very much happy to find out about Google #SmallThanks. Local internet marketing is our specialty and this new feature from Google is a great, easy, and innovative way to boost the promotion of local businesses, collect more reviews, and get more walk-ins.

Always looking for innovative ways to boost local businesses, help with promoting them, and attracting new customers, Small Thanks with Google is a platform that is straightforward, simple, and free to use. All the five-star reviews you or your client’s business received will shine in a new light and motivate more people to give reviews, look you up on maps, and come to visit you.

Do Something Extra with Google Small Thanks for Your Clients As We Did

As soon as we realized how important this new feature is, we tested it and shared it with our clients who run local businesses. Always wanting to do a little bit extra for our clients, we surprised them with Google Small Thanks stands. Now anyone who comes to Nuheights Pediatrics located in Clifton NJ and Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center in Wayne NJ will be able to see one of their well-deserved 5-star reviews.

Displaying the most positive customers’ impressions will generate even more 5-star reviews. However, Small Thanks by Google can also help with highlighting businesses’ working hours and attract more walk-ins. In a world where reviews highly affect purchase decisions and influence choices making, Small Thanks by Google brings a noticeable social proof of excellence, great customer service, and first-rate quality.

Google Small Thanks with Nuheights Pediatrics and Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center
Our CEO Presenting Google Small Thanks to Nuheights Pediatrics and Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center

Google made a very nice gesture with this platform and allowed us to do the same for our clients. We were very happy for being able to celebrate their success with #SmallThanks. By creating these positive posters, we did a little bit extra for our valued clients. When displaying these excellent reviews, our clients will easily encourage their customers to use their services and buy their products, while removing purchase anxiety. Seeing Google Small Thanks, their customers and patients feel reassured about their choice before they’ve even made it. We, at Persist Digital Agency, are very happy being able to help.

How to Promote a Local Business with Small Thanks Google Poster

Small Thanks is a straightforward platform where you can generate Google review posters and diverse small business posters to show off the best reviews you received and invite your customers to review your business, too. Different types of Google poster design will help you to highlight your working hours, to attract more walk-ins, or to simply say how great your business is, free of charge.

If you are a digital agency like we are, Small Thanks with Google will help you do an even better job of reputation management for your clients running local businesses. Encourage your clients to collect more reviews and use Google to boost their ratings. Then help them show off the best ones with Small Thanks.

If you are a local business, we are sure you would like to shout about the best reviews you received from the top of a mountain. Collecting reviews on Google is an even better way to do it. Use Small Thanks with Google to display those reviews you are most proud of, to invite other customers to review you, or simply highlight your working hours or any other message you would like to share.

If you are a happy and grateful customer, go to Google and show appreciation for received service or product by reviewing local business that helped you. This way, you are doing even more than giving thanks to the business; you’re helping other people find those who made your life easier and solve their problem.

How to Create Small Thanks Google Poster for Small Businesses

Small Thanks with Google is a platform that is very easy to use. Creating and customizing printable posters and ready-to-share social media images won’t take more than 5 minutes out of your busy day. Choose between a custom, personalized poster, stickers, a window decal, or a table tent that you can use to encourage your customers to support you with more reviews on Google. You can also create and customize all of these for your business or for your client.

Small Thanks with Google
Small Thanks with Google

Here’s how to do it.

Go to the Official Page Small Thanks with Google

When you go to Small Thanks with Google page, type your business name or your client’s business name in the search box. Then choose your Google My Business listing. A personalized toolkit of ready-to-use social media images and print-ready posters and signs will appear. Google will choose some of the strongest reviews but you are free to choose.

Personalize Your Small Thanks with Google Toolkit

You don’t have to use the design and reviews that Google automatically chose for you. Choose another review or make changes to the design and layout. Click “Choose other styles and reviews” button. You are free to choose another color that will better represent your business, to select a different review that you feel will say more about your service or a product, or to choose a layout you like better.

Download, Print and Share Today or Get a Free Kit by Mail

Once you’ve personalized your Google poster design and you’re happy with the chosen review or call to action, you can immediately download ready-to-use social media images and print-ready posters and signs toolkit. Another option is to request a free kit by mail. If you click that button, a window with the address of your business will appear and you will just need to confirm it or update it if needed.

If you would like to receive this free kit by mail, you may want to hurry up because Google is offering them for a limited time only. The kits include a custom poster, stickers, a window decal, and a table tent.

Turn Your Customers into Your Advocates with Google Small Thanks

Positive online reviews are more important today than ever before. For local businesses, they are essential for building reputation and trust. Consumers are more likely to use a business that has valuable positive reviews than one that doesn’t. This is why it is so important to make them stand out.

If your business is located in the U.S. and has a verified Google listing, use Small Thanks with Google to show why your business matters. Bring the best reviews you received at the forefront of your business’s marketing efforts.

Use digital stickers “Find us on Google” to attract new customers. Reminding people to search for you online may show as one of your best marketing moves in 2018.

Use #SmallThanks signs to ask customers to support you with reviews. They may not be aware of what an impact their opinion may have but you know very well. Just give them a little nudge with Small Thanks Google review poster.

Why not show everyone why your customers love you? Print and place personalized Google thanks poster in a visible area in your showroom, office, or store. Other than placing Small Thanks stickers in your store window, you can place Small Thanks flyers around your neighborhood and wherever your potential customers may spot you.

Also, don’t forget to share #SmallThanks social media versions to join the conversation online and show everyone what makes you so unique.

Sharing our great reviews both online and offline has never been easier. Give it a shot with Google Small Thanks today.