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Website Copywryting

    • 500 words / page
    • SEO optimization
    • Up to 45 minutes of research
  • $150-300 / page

Skyscraper Content

    • Up to 4 hours custom formatting
    • Up to 15 stock photos or graphics
    • Up to 3 hours of promotion
  • $600-$2,400 / page

Online Guides

    • Personal online guide project manager
    • Up to 30 stock photos or graphics
    • Up to 8 hours of promotion
  • $3,000-$5,400 / project

We’ve generated over

18 M +

in client revenue

We’ve generated 

127 K +

leads for our clients

In 10 years

66 K +

phone calls generated


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Get Superior SEO Copywriting Services to Achieve Your Goals

PPC management Services

SEO Copywriting

Do you want to rank well in Google search results and get more revenue? Partner with Persist Digital and get SEO Copywriting Services that take you to the top of search and right in the front of your customers. Step up your game with our search-optimized copy written by professional business and technical content writers. We make your website a go-to resource for your customers.

PPC management Services

Skyscraper Content

Double your website traffic, become an industry influencer, and give your customers exactly what they need and search for with SEO Skyscraper Content. We will research your competitors, write better content than current top performers and get your target audience to your doorstep. Content rich with videos, images, and inforgaphics will get you noticed and well known.

PPC management Services

SEO Online Guides

Persist Digital writers deliver top-quality, professional SEO Online Guides. Trained on the most effective, the latest and best SEO practices that work, we integrate Online Guides into our SEO Copywriting Services strategy to elevate your online presence, provide real value to your audience, and answer the questions of your customers before they ask them, catering to their needs.

The Best SEO Copywriting Services That Will Grow Your Business

SEO Long-Form Copywriting Services

Persist Digital content writers will create a unique SEO long-form blog posts that will resonate with your audience, inform, educate, inspire and convert them. Our SEO Long-Form Copywriting Services include research, creation, and promotion of the content we wrote. Depending on the topic and goal, long-form blog posts that we write can be anywhere between 2000 and 6000 words.

SEO Sales Driven Copywriting Services

Great copy can sell a product or a service. With our SEO Sales Copywriting Services, your products will be easy to find in Google. However, we won’t leave it at that. We will write a convincing, compelling, informative, and powerful copy that will communicate the value, persuade and convert. Our professional writers will ensure to make your brand voice and buyer persona correspond.

SEO Technical Copywriting Services

Our SEO Technical Copywriting Services ensure that your technical or medical content is simple to understand, communicative, and fool-proof. Whether you need white paper, guide, or training material, our writers will create it. With an ability to concisely explain and clearly depict even the most complex of processes or products, we will comprehensively describe your products or services.

SEO Ecommerce Copywriting Services

Persist Digital content writers will write the right e-commerce copy for your shoppers. They will intrigue, inform, inspire, and convert them, and even entertain. Be different from your competitors, stand out, and acquire search and reader-friendly product and services descriptions. We make sure your content is optimized for search & speaks to the needs of your visitors & customers.

SEO Guide Copywriting Services

Do you need well-written, in-depth guides that will be easy to find on Google, educate, inform your target audience, and help convert them? We will write guides optimized for search that will be easy to understand and that will provide value. With our SEO Guide Copywriting Services, you can boost your lead generation process and support your sales and digital marketing strategy.

Personalized SEO Copywriting

We provide a personalized customer journey filled with optimized content on your website. Knowing how well personalization works and that personalized content is more effective than content that isn’t, we use the voice of your brand and business to communicate with your visitors in a unique and the most effective way to make their decision-making process as convenient as possible.

Content Distribution & Marketing

We will create amazing content for you but we won’t leave it there. Our content marketers will put your perfectly optimized content in front of your prospects to easily find it and engage with it — like it, share, or comment on, on social media and industry forums. Every product and service page or blog post we create will be immaculately optimized for search engines but also boosted with social media & email marketing.

Content Strategy Development & Analytics Reporting 

After we complete a competitive content marketing analysis to measure the success of your SEO website content & track how it compares to your competitors, we identify the top relevant keywords in your industry and create a content marketing strategy. Each month, we provide you with easy-to-understand monthly reports that explain the results your content produces.

We positioned Home Art Tile Kitchen & Bath on the first page of Google for their top product categories in local searches in Queens, NY by writing and publishing expertly optimized long-form blog posts about kitchen and bath design, their projects, and products they offer, with a plethora of videos, graphics, unique images, and other media. This is how Persist Digital established Home Art Tile as one of the premium go-to local online resources on kitchen and bath design.

HAT Case Study

We Provide SEO Content That Converts

Digital marketing proficiency, creative writing talent, and a knack for simple and straightforward descriptions make our content writers perfect for explaining your business or conveying the essence of your brand. Our content writers, copywriters, content strategists, and SEO consultants work together to make sure that every piece of content we create for you hits the mark and provides maximum value.

Search Intent

Persist Digital content writers create unique content crafted to serve search intent, fulfill the ultimate goal of a searcher, and to turn your visitors into happy customers and clients. We make sure your website content meets the demands of your target audience and all of their questions are answered, whether through product pages, service pages, blog posts, guides, videos, or infographics.

Content Mapping

Before we start writing, we research thoroughly and map out every content piece that will support your business, answer your ideal searcher intent, make you stand out from your competition, and follows your industry’s best practices. Each content piece we write is strongly supported by SEO and crafted with your ideal customer’s needs in mind. This is why the content our copywriting agency creates will drive the most qualified traffic to your website and convert. Our SEO consultants closely examine the outline of every post we create, as well as audience engagement opportunities, and employ the best practices of practical SEO copywriting.

User Experience

Thoughtfully designed user experience is crucial for attracting website visitors and capturing their attention, thus very important for SEO. It is a staple of our web copywriting services. Content and design work together to create a top-notch user experience. Our website designers and SEO specialists will analyze your website, identify weak spots, and recommend improvements necessary for better user experience. Also, we will also regularly perform SEO health checks of your website as a part of our SEO article writing service.

Persist Digital Writers Make Your SEO Content Strong

Our well-researched and search engine optimized content will help you build strong relationships, engage with website visitors, and convert them into your loyal customers. However, once we create all basic pages and optimize your website, our work is still not done. The best practices of search engine optimization demand continual maintenance, consistent and ceaseless production of content, and improvements to maintain the relevance and value of your website content. With SEO practices continually progressing and evolving, our team stays up-to-date. With our SEO Copywriting Services, we make sure to always recommend the best, the most effective, and the latest SEO copywriting strategies that will benefit your business.

Learn why is Content Marketing for Small Businesses so important.

Infographics & Visual Content

We know what to do and how to write to capture your audience’s attention. Informative, educational, and inspiring custom videos, slide shares, and unique infographics are a fabulous and highly engaging way to present content to your audience and make your brand or business noticed and remembered.

Email Newsletters

Nurture leads, keep your customers informed about your business or brand, engage with them regularly with your products or services offerings, notify them about discounts and sales, educate and inspire them with highly targeted Email Newsletters. Use our Email Newsletter writing service to graciously guide your prospects through the sales funnel.

Blog Posts

Regularly writing long-form, well researched, and highly targeted blog posts is a highly effective SEO digital marketing tactic. Well-written and always fresh blog posts will bring new opportunities and leads, increase website rankings, bring a reputation of an industry expert, and build trust both with current and potential clients.

Landing and Product Pages

Great landing pages, product pages, and services pages engage a visitor, keep them capturing their attention, and conquer search results. They are visitor’s first impression of your business. Landing pages that are fresh, up-to-date, accurate, written with best SEO practices & your customers’ needs in mind will boost your leads & convert.

Tell Your Story with Our Sales Driving SEO Copywriting Services

Persist Digital is a digital marketing company and SEO copywriting agency that boasts with fantastic SEO Copywriting Services. Our content writers and copywriters will use facts about your business and details to tell your unique story, attract more prospects, nurture your leads, bring them to your doorstep and help you convert them.

Content we create will resonate with your website visitors, attract your target audience, connect it to your business or brand, and gently nudge your prospects to make a purchase — whether it’s a product, a service, or an experience. We can also help you to motivate them to contact you or visit your store with our content copywriting services. We do all this at very reasonable and affordable SEO copywriting prices. Our SEO copywriting services price will adjust to your needs — we offer various SEO copywriting packages.

With more than 5 years of experience in delivering superb SEO and Copywriting Services, Persist Digital is a trustworthy and reputable SEO copywriting agency and your reliable partner that will get your website to the very top in the search engines. Convincing, compelling, accurate, and fool-proof, our content will help your business thrive and assist you in capturing the attention of the fast-growing number of online shoppers.

Whether you need technical or non-technical content, landing pages or blog posts, email newsletters, guides, long-form content, infographics or videos, Persist Digital delivers perfect, precise, and persuasive copy.

See how we told the story of a local kitchen and bath showroom located in Wayne, NJ, and boosted they online presence and brand — Aqua Case Study.

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To make your business website content engaging and a joy to read, we need to understand your business and brand, your goals and needs. After we realize who is your target audience and after we research your competition, we will map out the content and define pages we need to create. We will also research relevant industry keywords and create a content map of your website.

With any of our SEO Copywriting Service plans, you will easily rank high in search results. Regardless of your business’ niche and industry, our content writers provide exactly what you need and deliver the results.

To see what each of our SEO Copywriting Services includes, please see our pricing table above. You can also create your custom SEO Copywriting Service plan depending on your needs.

Persist Digital is your content writing service of choice in NJ. Contact us if you need copywriting services, content writing, videos, infographics, white papers, guides, slideshares or any other type of website content. Our professional expert team of content writers will tell your story and present your brand, products, and services in an original way, backed with best practices of SEO.

Hear from businesses like yours about what we did to make them successful. Read their case studies and contact us to be the next success story.

Contact us today and find out how we can support your business.

SEO Copywriting Guide

We have the Answers about SEO Copywriting Services You’re Looking for

  • Why SEO Copywriting Services are Crucial for Your Digital Marketing?

Even if you’re a trusted brand and you have high-quality content on your website, you won’t be able to get to the first page of Google without the help from an experienced SEO copywriter. The finishing touches SEO copywriter gives your content will skyrocket your business to the top of SERP.

Expert SEO Copywriting Services with proven track of success will bring your business more attention and clicks, boost your online search rankings, target customers you want to connect with, save you time and money, enable your customers to have meaningful interactions with your brand, and help you stay ahead of your competition.

Learn how we provided a consistent flow of new leads and increased awareness about Eagle Rock Co coffee, coworking, and community place. Their website receives 500 organic visitors per month and ranks for 80 keywords thanks to our SEO writing services. Read Eagle Rock Co Case Study.

  • What does an SEO Copywriter do?

An SEO copywriter writes copy and website content that includes keywords and is optimized for the search engine. To be an SEO copywriter, one needs writing skills and SEO savviness. SEO copywriter closely collaborates with SEO analyst who focuses on keyword research, analysis, changes, and improvement. SEO copywriter writes content guided by SEO analyst’s strategy and supports it. Balancing between writing for people and writing for search engines, all the while appealing to the target audience, is one of the most important challenges of an SEO copywriter.

Check how we made a tremendous improvement in organic traffic and conversions in less than 4 months with SEO research, analysis, and implementation, for Network Devices, a provider of enterprise IT hardware products. We made their website rank for close to 1400 keywords in the top 100 results, dominating search results for their products. Read Network Devices Case Study.

  • What are SEO Articles?

SEO articles have one main purpose — to get to the search engine’s first page and become one of the first results for the targeted keyword. These articles are well balanced and written to be appealing to human readers but also for search engines. A good SEO article needs to be written by an SEO copywriter with good writing skills and savviness for SEO. It needs to be interesting and engaging and needs to include strategically placed keyphrases and keywords, as well as hyperlinks.

Check how we helped SINI Restaurant to go from $0 in online sales to more than $4,300 per month in less than 10 months. Read SINI Case Study.

  • How to Optimize Copy for SEO?

Writing copy that search engines love but also appeals and engages the target audience requires skill and experience. High quality and effective SEO copy will continually attract large numbers of targeted customers, give answers to their questions before they ask them, and offer solutions for their problems. Optimizing copy for SEO means including keywords, business location words in conjunction with keywords, mentioning other related pages on a website and linking to them, using appropriate headers, videos, images, etc. However, to properly optimize copy for SEO, search intent needs to be considered and the target audience needs to be thoroughly researched. This is the only way to attract relevant audience and make the content interesting and useful to them.

SEO copy can not only help your website rank faster, but can also help your customers find the information they need faster. See how our content team created effective and SEO friendly landing pages and blog posts for Nuheights Pediatrics that now help patients easily find the information they need. Read Nuheights Pediatrics Case Study.