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Increase the visibility of your business in organic search results, help search engines understand what your business is all about, and attract more website visitors.

Our SEO solutions drive traffic, effectively convert visitors, and deliver real results and serious business growth. Growing online leads, qualified calls, and revenue you want for your business are our most important goals. We have reliable and proven ways to do this.

Persist Digital will develop a unique SEO strategy specifically for your business to help your most valuable audience find you online and ultimately convert.

Get in touch with our SEO specialists today to see for yourself what makes Persist Digital stand out and how we can help your business grow.

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We’ve generated over

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in client revenue

We’ve generated 

127 K +

leads for our clients

In 10 years

66 K +

phone calls generated

SEO Pricing Packages

Accomplish more than you ever imagined by choosing the right SEO services and SEO strategies. We created convenient custom packages that cover everything you will ever need. Pick between Pro, Advanced, Leader, and Custom package. Our SEO specialists will make sure to help you choose the one that will serve your business best. Contact us today.

    Persist Digital Packages : FULL SERVICE BUNDLED PRICING
  • Strategic Planning
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Planning
  • Website Architecture
  • Website Optimization
  • Audit & Initial Optimization
  • Social Media Setup & Optimization
  • Consultation
  • SEO Audit
  • Content Management and Marketing
  • Custom Landing Page Design
  • Geo-Targeted Page Management
  • Video Production and Marketing
  • Google Adwords Management
  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Link Building, Optimization & Outreach
  • Business Listings Management
  • Reputation Management with our professional tool
  • User Behavior Analysis and UX Optimizations
  • Social Media Management
  • Google My Business Optimization and Weekly Posts
  • Google Search Console Optimization
  • Call Tracking
  • Custom built lead forms
  • Monthly Service Reports
  • Monthly Performance Reports
  • B2B Outreach
  • Email Marketing

  • PRO

  • $2,500

  • Up to 8 pages of SEO Copy or 4 pages of Sales/Technical Copy

  • $1,000

  • 2 hours
  • Basic with Remarketing
  • Basic with Remarketing
  • 10 emails
  • 4/month
  • 1 location
  • Basic
  • 1 location
  • +$250/month
  • +$200/month


  • $3,500

  • Up to 16 pages of SEO Copy or 8 pages of Sales/Technical Copy

  • $2,000

  • 4 hours
  • Up to $3000/mo budget
  • Advanced
  • 20 emails
  • 8/month
  • Up to 3 locations
  • Advanced
  • Up to 3 locations
  • +$500/month
  • +$300/month


  • $4,500

  • Up to 24 pages of SEO Copy or 12 pages of Sales/Technical Copy

  • $3,000

  • 6 hours
  • $3000+/mo budget
  • Advanced
  • 30 emails
  • 12/month
  • Up to 5 locations
  • Advanced
  • Up to 5 locations
  • +$750/month
  • +$400/month

Persist Digital Marketing Agency in NJ will take your business website to the new heights!

Acquire Page One Rankings

Acquire Page One Rankings ✔️

Persist Digital SEO NJ agency increases the online visibility of your business, products, and services you offer, and helps you outrank your competition with ease using a unique SEO strategy.

Reach Local Customers

Reach Local Customers ✔️

We are local NJ SEO experts that will help you reach more people in your neighborhood, catch the attention of those who are looking for your products and services, and drive them to your store.

Reach Mobile Customers

Reach Mobile Customers ✔️

We optimize your website for mobile and all other devices so you can reach all customers that are looking for you. We are a local SEO agency in NJ that will position you perfectly regardless of your location.


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SEO Services Tailored to Your Audiences

On-Page Optimization

We analyze current content on your website and plan a content strategy based on the best local SEO practices. Our SEO specialists make sure your content supplies a demand, is linkable, and well optimized.

Off-Page Optimization

We do quality link outreach and boost online engagement with social media management, guest blogging, and brand mentions to grow your website’s popularity. Search engines will love your business.

Technical SEO

There are many issues that websites face today and they affect user experience and overall website rankings. We will fix all your website issues and provide a clean website that will be search engine friendly.

Keyword Strategy

Your keyword strategy is the foundation for all and any SEO activities. Our SEO experts create a solid, strong, and reliable keyword strategy that will continually produce results.

Online Reviews

We help you create positive relationships with your customers based on trust and professionalism and assist you in encouraging your customers to leave excellent reviews and recommendations for our business.

Competitive Analysis

Our SEO specialists will analyze your competition’s strengths and weaknesses to establish what attributes you should play up in order to attract your target audience. We do this as a part of our local SEO NJ service or for any other location.

Directory Listings

Our local SEO services NJ include listing your business data in location-specific directories and industry-specific business listing sites. This way we improve both your local SEO performance and foot traffic. We do this for any location within the U.S.

SEO Reporting

We do comprehensive monthly reports of all activities performed with an action plan for the next month. Our reports will show you exactly where your business is and what else needs to be done.

Results Driven SEO that Understands You and Knows Your Customers

When we started working with Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center, their main website was not ranking for any keywords and advertisement budget was invested fully on microsites. We managed to boost organic traffic to 11,141 sessions and 9,917 visitors per month from 300 when we first started in 2016. There are 18,903 page views in total during the last month.

Aqua Case Study

Persist Digital marketing agency in New Jersey provides SEO services that include SEO Audit, SEO Strategy, On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Organic Search, Link Outreach, Keyword Research based on the area where your business is located, and SEO Activity Report.

We deliver page one organic results for your business by carefully analyzing, strategically planning, and methodically applying the best practices of local SEO services to your website. Our NJ SEO experts will conduct a Search Engine Optimization Audit to check the content quality on your website, examine internal linking, understand the keywords your website should target, and check your overall presence on the web. This is how we pinpoint the necessary changes we need to make in order to improve the performance of your business website.

When we get all the information we need, we develop a suitable, unique and strong conversion strategy for your business. Our SEO team will talk to you in order to understand your business and all the work that has previously been done on the website.

We are an SEO agency in NJ that knows that each SEO campaign needs to be built specifically for each client, with their unique needs and goals in mind. Whether you need New Jersey local SEO or optimization for any other location, a single location, or more, let us know. We will set you up for success.

With our SEO Activity Report, we make sure you understand what we are exactly doing to improve your website’s SEO performance and what methods are producing the most results.

Dominate Local Search Engine Results with Our Local SEO Services NJ

Climb the local rankings, be easily found by customers that are looking for you, and stay ahead of your local competition. Persist Digital local SEO services bring customers straight to your door by optimizing your website for local search. We make sure to connect you with the growing number of customers that are looking for your products and services online.

Target Local Buyers with Local Landing Pages

Persist Digital marketing agency in New Jersey acquires an in-depth knowledge about your audience and creates local landing pages on your website to target local customers for multiple areas close to your place of business. This way, we create customized, unique web experience to cater to each of your local audiences and ensure they have the right contact information to be able to find you.

Be Easily Found on Google Maps

Our local SEO services include Google Maps Optimization to help you reach both local buyers and tourists. Any potential customer near your place your business, looking for your products or services, will be able to find you on the map. We optimize Google My Business description, make sure your categories are correct, and build local and niche related citations, all to help people find you fast and easily.

Achieve Actual Results Using Our Shopify SEO Services

Persist Digital marketing agency in New Jersey will help you increase the traffic of your Shopify store, improve its performance, and generate more orders. We will custom build an SEO campaign specifically for your Shopify website considering your needs and goals, and following the best SEO practices.

Get Targeted Traffic with Our E-commerce SEO Services

Increase the traffic of your e-commerce business and get it to the first page of search engines. But don’t do just that. Take your SEO strategy a step further and let our e-commerce SEO experts fine-tune it to get more targeted traffic. Targeted traffic turns into customers, and that is all you need to get the results you want. We make search engines understand and favor your e-commerce site.

What Persist Digital NJ SEO Agency Can Do for Your Rankings

Persist Digital is an SEO agency based in Montclair NJ that runs remarkably successful SEO campaigns, using a unique blend of creative and technical expertise. We help local showrooms, medical practices, offices, as well as e-commerce businesses, to dominate their competition.

All of our SEO campaigns are successful and the results we achieve are amazing. Recently, we started optimizing a brand new website. During only 2 months time period, using our digital marketing services, analysis, and optimization, we increased the number of visits from 60 to close to 1,000 visitors. We reduced the bounce rate on the website from 52% to 32.5% which means that website traffic converts very good, visitors browse multiple website pages and stay for more than 3 minutes per visit.

Are you interested? Do you need NJ SEO services, do you need to rank for another location or for more than one? Let us know today. Our digital marketing agency NJ has a wealth of experience that will serve your goal and get you where you want and need to be.

SEO Digital Marketing Agency in NJ

This is how we rank websites using our Local SEO Strategy.

SEO Digital Marketing Agency in NJ

We are especially successful at ranking brand new websites using various traffic channels.

SEO Digital Marketing Agency in NJ

Our SEO specialists create an SEO strategy that utilizes all of your website traffic channel sources to get the most out of them. How do we optimize your website for search?

SEO Digital Marketing Agency in NJ

We analyze and track the progress of all your keywords and find those sweet spots that we can tap into and deliver the fastest results. This way, you can see results in the fastest time possible.

Search Engine Optimization is a process that takes time but is well worth your investment. Usually, our clients see results in 4 to 6 months but SEO results grow over time and their websites get more and more traction as the time goes by.

Showcase from our top client Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center in NJ proves our point.

SEO Digital Marketing Agency in NJ

When we started working on this client’s website, they had only 3000 visitors per month and barely ranked for 20 keywords on the first page. After 6 months of the continuous optimization process, we grew the website to close to 11.000 visitors per month, and going up. The website now ranks for close to 750 keywords on the first page which results with close to 400 leads every single month.

SEO Digital Marketing Agency in NJ

Would you like to get this many leads for your business? Give us a call at 973 358 6565 and we will get you there. Ask all about our NJ local SEO services.

Do You Want More Conversions from SEO?

Hire Local SEO NJ Experts

Persist Digital is an SEO agency in NJ that will jump start search engine optimization process of your business website, fuel your lead generation, and boost your conversion processes. We make sure to understand both you and your audience and use sophisticated techniques to increase your online conversions.

Persist Digital SEO agency NJ drives real traffic and actual conversions from SEO and nurtures a more reliable approach to your business. Our ultimate goal is to maximize your ROI and not only put you on the first page of Google, but actually keep you there longer.

Choose our SEO agency and get:

  • personalized and transparent approach
  • extensive in-field experience
  • measurable results
  • easy to understand reporting
  • affordable packages
  • professional New Jersey SEO experts

Contact our SEO NJ specialists today to discover all the possibilities Persist Digital offers. Drive your growth with the best SEO agency in NJ and beyond. Learn more about us in top agencies around New York.