Social Media Management Services

Highly effective and uniquely designed social media management services ideal for optimizing your social media marketing for conversions and generating more leads for your business.

Persist Digital provides effective, reliable and trusted social media management services that generate leads, engage your audience, and drive real, organic traffic to your website and store.

Whether you need organic social media marketing, paid social media ads, or a combination of both, Persist Digital does it all. We will create a unique strategy for your brand, set up your profiles, and strategically build your brand’s social media presence for success.

Everything we do, we do with a clear, unique strategy in mind. Hire us today.

Nevena Stojanovic Social Media Marketing

Level 1

  • 15 social posts per month

    6 custom images per month

    2 ad campaigns

  • $900

    per month

Level 2

  • 30 social posts per month

    8 custom images per month

    3 ad campaigns

    2 blog posts

  • $1300

    per month

Level 3

  • 45 social posts per month

    10 custom images per month

    4 ad campaigns

    2 blog posts per month

  • $1500

    per month

Level 4

  • 60 social posts

    12 custom images

    5 ad campaigns

    4 blog posts

    One contest per year

  • $1800

    per month

Level 5

  • 75 social posts

    14 custom images

    6 ad campaigns

    4 blog posts

    One contest per year

  • $2100

    per month

We’ve generated over

18 M +

in client revenue

We’ve generated 

127 K +

leads for our clients

In 10 years

66 K +

phone calls generated


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Hit Your Goals with Persist Digital First-Class Social Media Management Services

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Attract Relevant Audience

Your target audience is on social media and we will put your business or brand right in front of them. Our effective social media management services help you reach your target audience while saving more time and generating more results you expect. We optimize your social media channels to achieve your marketing objectives and convert your investments in social media into more leads and sales.

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Engage with First-Class Content

Keep your audience engaged and tightly connected to your brand or business with our powerful storytelling. Step up your game in the world of social media and make your business always the first option for your audience. Inform, engage, inspire, and communicate with your audience directly and effectively. We will make your social media a go-to resource for your followers and customers.

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Grow Your Leads & Sales

We will position your business on social media, provide real value to your audience, generate more leads, and increase sales. Our social media managers develop and deliver a unique strategy for your business on social media. By researching your competition and getting to know your target audience we craft an approach that will not only attract potential clients and followers but also turn them into your customers.

Our social media specialists activated and optimized social media channels of Nuheights Pediatrics, family-owned pediatrician clinic with a long line of doctors. We improved engagement, drove organic conversions to their website, and more walk-ins to their clinic. More engagement on social brought a greater number of registrations to the events and workshops, which turned into new patients.

Nuheights Case Study

The Most Effective & Top Performing Social Media Management Services for All Businesses

Unique Social Media Strategy

Here at Persist Digital, we are firm believers that each and every post should serve a particular purpose and that all questions on your social media channels need to be answered. We will develop an authentic, specific, concise and effective social media marketing strategy, custom made for your specific industry and business, research your competition and make the best suggestions for your campaigns on social media.

Social Media Audit

Before we start implementing our social media strategy and plan, we will audit your social media channels. Reviewing what works and what doesn’t, what should be changed or improved will help us understand your social media. We will go over engagement metrics, publishing metrics, referral traffic, audience demographics, and channel-specific metrics. Based on what we find, we will give you our best professional recommendations.

Reputation Management

Social media is a great way to improve your online reputation. Your profiles on social media are an extension of your brand and optional channels where your audience can reach you. To improve your reputation there, we will analyze, research, and guard your brand’s reputation by letting you know about any negative comments or reviews. Before we start implementing the plan, we will provide you with a detailed reputation analysis.

Editorial Social Media Calendar

We create editorial social media calendars to keep all your social media marketing on track! In order to keep you in the loop on what posts and when are they going to be published on your social media channels, we create editorial calendars each month. This way, we support your entire social media strategy, reinforce your goals and desired messaging, facilitate team collaboration, and enable efficient and effective publishing.

Organic Social Media Marketing

The core of our social media management services is organic social media marketing. We will optimize all your social media channels, create unique content for each channel, post regularly, and outreach to the right audience using specifically targeted hashtags. These organic social media tactics will help you develop and maintain the presence of your brand on social media. Nurturing your audience will result in more engagement and loyalty.

Paid Social Media Marketing

To step up your game and reach more potential customers interested in your product, services, or brand, we will run social paid ads on social media for you. Paid social ads present an effective and instant way to drive conversions with customers and gain traction. We will analyze your audience, create graphic design, do A/B testing, leverage the best targeting options, and provide you with the lowest cost possible per result. Paid social ads produce instant results that are well worth the effort.

Visitors Interactions Management

Persist Digital is a social media management company that fosters and nurtures social engagement on clients’ social media profiles. We know that social is the key to driving visits to your website, to more leads, and eventually more sales. This is why we will encourage interactions, likes, shares, questions, comments, and provide timely responses. Every new photo, video, a retweet on your status updates is another opportunity for a conversion.

Monthly Reporting

Our social media management services also include creating impactful, concise, and meaningful reports at the end of every month to showcase ROI on your social media endeavors. Nurturing a sophisticated and honest approach, we will show you and explain the stats that matter, review key metrics, deliver them in an easy-to-understand way, and identify opportunities. By focusing on high-level stats and plans, we deliver to the point, informative and insightful monthly social media reports.

Why Your Business Needs Our Social Media Management Services

Your customers are on social media, looking for your product, service, or brand right now. Are you there? Are you engaging with them, answering their questions, and inspiring them?

Persist Digital is a social media management company that can help you set the right social media strategy for your business, take care of all its aspects, and set you for success. With our expert social media management services, we will get you to know your audience on social media, learn what they need, what they like, what they are looking for, and do everything necessary to meet their expectations.

With our vast social media marketing experience that includes all major platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, we will step up your game on social media.

Here’s how:

Give your audience a chance to preview or test your new product

Engage your audience with a chance to be one of the first who will be able to see and experience your new product or service. When you show them that you provide a solution that they need, you can be sure that they will come back to learn more.

Attract new audience with discounts

Everyone likes discounts, especially for the products and services they need to solve a problem or achieve a goal. Use social media to announce your amazing sales campaigns, and publish frequently about them. This way, your target audience will be the first to know about the sale, stay engaged with your business or brand, and very likely to make a purchase.

Inform and educate your customers through social media

Use our social media management services to inform your audience on new products, new product benefits and features, and share the news about your company or brand. Your fans will be happy to be able to stay in the loop, keep track of your activities, and learn how your products and services can benefit them.

Use social media as a customer support channel

Today, everyone is on social media. It’s more likely that your customers will contact you through Facebook and Instagram rather than by email or phone. They need prompt information and it’s no wonder social media is becoming the standard for day-to-day communication. Stay user-friendly for all generations, and offer customer support on the social media channel where your audience is.

Connect with your customers and industry experts

Use social media to connect with your customers, to engage, and learn more about them. Build and nurture relationships with industry leaders, learn from them, create partnerships, bolster your own authority in the field, create new opportunities, and make your business flourish.

Persist Digital — the Right Social Media Management Company for Your Business

Persist Digital offers social media marketing services for all major social media channels, from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. We see every day how businesses grow and expand thanks to their engagement on social media, and we can’t wait to help your business thrive.

To start today, take a look at our social media management packages above, and choose one that is best for your current needs. You will see that our social media management cost is one of the lowest you can find. When you feel it’s time to change, simply let us know, and we will continue with another social media management services package.

Depending on the nature of your business or brand, your goals and budget, we will advise what social media channels are most beneficial for you. However, it is always beneficial to use a combination of social media channels that are best for your niche. This will make your brand or business widely available and your customers will have multiple choices to connect with you.

Contact Us Today

Let’s talk about your social media strategy today and see how our social media management services can help you achieve your goals.

Together we can identify and create a social media management strategy that will:

  • develop long term value for your business and brand
  • engage your target audience
  • connect you with potential customers
  • make it easy for you to communicate with your prospects directly

Our social media management experts are great storytellers and experienced professionals who will tell your story in a unique and engaging way, promote your brand, products and services, and engage with your audience on social media.

Contact us today and find out how to use Persist Digital social media management services and set your business for success.