Team Building – Escaping From Tesla’s Mind

Reading Time: 3 minutes

It is always nice to find the time to play. We took an active break.

We do these monthly gatherings. Right about the middle of May, the team agreed it’s time for a quick rewind. We felt a bit tired, a lot was going on, new tasks bumped into ongoing ones, the workload bloomed overnight. We needed an energy boost and what better way to balance the mind than to distract it with a sharp U-turn. So, we decided to give our grey cells a push in the opposite direction, a puzzle made of completely unrelated distractions. What you actually might need at times like these is a fresh perspective. Sometimes, it’s just a word that triggers a brand new chain of thoughts. Our minds were set out for a fresh challenge – an “Escape room”.

Tesla's Genius Room
Though unrelated riddles, each one more interesting than another.

Escaping the “Escape room”, it’s a team effort.

Looking at this from a business perspective and considering this as another project of our team – we had to do our best to meet the expectations. So what do you do when you start a project? You assess the situation and set a goal. Our goal was, as it always is, to succeed and to enjoy the process. We were determined to solve the riddle and to escape the Escape room within the time frame. I’ll let you guess if we were successful, but I will tell you this – it starts intimidating and then after a couple of solved clues, your team loosens up, ideas come right out without much delay or weighing, like maybe it is the case during meetings and “official” teamwork. SO, one clue after another, the sparks of intellect were filling up the room. Smiles replaced the wondering faces, and in reverse. Every new question got offered more and more imaginative answers. Both within the reason and very much out of it. After all – we were inside the mind of a highly gifted intellectual, who are we to set the limits to the imagination?

Escaped from escape room
Persist Team managed to escape from Tesla’s mind

You get the point, “Escape rooms” are made for everyone.

We ended up having so much fun that we forgot what we are up against – a mind of a genius! At times, that’s just what you need when you have a huge task, or a complicated challenge – you need to forget about the odds and just mind the big picture. That’s what should get you going. And having fun in the process, well that’s up to you. It is a decision, that has its best outcome when you choose your line of work right. That’s a job well done. Then you love what you do, and you do what you love. I know, it’s cheesy, but only THEN you can do your job and enjoy it.

It’s all about the teamwork.

Never forget: always find the time to play! Because when you are having fun, when you are experimenting and exploring – your mind is getting refreshed and energised. It changes the way you think, work and live. It helps you grow and develop, and you can never really have too much of that, right? And when you play together, it strengthens the team. 😉