Thanks And Love From Persist Digital To You

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Persist Digital team had started the year off with wonderful excitement that comes when a company and its team expand. As our client list began to grow, we welcomed new members of the team to take over specific tasks so that we might offer highly specialized and efficient services. Each person at Persist Digital has their own set of unique skills, expertise, and flair that makes them a perfect fit. We all complement each other and fill in the gaps where needed. It might be a small company, but we provide full and professional service with all of our hearts. 

In the wake of Thanksgiving, we’re inspired to reflect on some of our achievements, proud and happy moments and blessings we are grateful for. 

April this year had given us a lovely opportunity to get together for a meet up in Belgrade. At Persist Digital we work remotely, so it was very fun to have the whole team (including two dogs!) around the table, laughing and brainstorming all of our ideas for the year over cheesecake. This is where we discussed our big project: KitchenDEV Cabinet Pricing and Ordering Software and developed a marketing and business strategy for its development. 

We can now proudly say, that it has been one of our biggest successes this year. KitchenDEV is starting to skyrocket with all of its products and services and we can’t wait to see what our developers come up with next! 

Persist Digital In Action
Persist Digital In Action

After a lot of hard work came August, and our big annual retreat where finally our leader and company CEO, Eric could join us. This was a family retreat which made it even more special. We spent a few charming days on mountain Zlatibor, trying to equally balance work and play. Though we think we might have leaned a bit too far on the play side! We visited the local Dinosaur park and an amusement park where we let off steam in the bumper cars! (We are adults, we promise). We also went on Serbia’s highest zipline! The view was phenomenal. 

Persist Digital Retreat
Persist Digital Retreat

This year has also brought some hits and misses, some valuable lessons that we are equally grateful for. We have only grown bigger and stronger, and we don’t intend to stop! After all, persistence is in our name! We have a ready game plan and a list of things we can’t wait to learn and improve. Our clients are incredibly helpful and instrumental in our development and their feedback means the world to us. 

We are continuing full steam ahead and will close this year in the same style as we’ve started it. Excited, hard-working and thankful for everything we have and will achieve. Sending all our thanks and love and wishing you a wonderful holiday season,


Your Persist Digital team.