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Persist Digital team had a lovely meetup at the Nook Art Hub in Belgrade this April. We can’t wait to do it again! Working remotely is amazing, but so is finally seeing your coworkers, brainstorming, and enjoying a great time together! Recently, our company has been growing: in clients, workload, teammates,  in dreams and goals for the next phase of our journey. We had so much fun and we learned a lot! We decided to share some of our reflections and conclusions with you. Discover why our teambuilding exercise was so helpful and find out about new internship opportunities at Persist Digital. Keep reading to learn more.

At the meetup, we were discussing topics for our next post and a few subjects were considered. Then Sandra, our Wonder Woman, our Internet marketing specialist, copywriter, senior manager and endearingly called VP (but don’t call her that, she doesn’t like it :’) suggested a fun teambuilding exercise! She sent us a list of values and asked us to choose three values that we live and work by. Simple, right?

Well, according to Dusan, our PPC manager, it was harder to pick  3 values than to pick a major. But somehow, after a while, we managed to do so. And this is what inspired our blog post! But not just that. This is what inspires and drives our work, our dreams, goals, and plans. These values define our company. So much explained in just a few words. Amazing, right?

Persist Digital Values
Persist Digital Values

What a team!

Teambuilding exercises are great for improving communication, teamwork, and performance, so we make sure we’re always trying something new. Employee feedback and sentiment is crucial for company development, though it’s often forgotten the team is the best asset and reference for any business. When employees love your company, they are your biggest advocates. This is why we at Persist Digital put emphasis on teamwork and development. And why we encourage our employees to be vocal with their opinions.

What is your favorite team building exercise?

A Day at Persist Digital

If you’re wondering what a day at Persist Digital looks like, here’s a sneak peek. There is 11 of us on the team and since the company is based in Montclair NJ, most of us work the afternoon shift. We start our day by doing a little recap of the previous day or week and then on plans for the day ahead of us. On Wednesdays, we have our weekly Zoom meetings, that normally start out with everyone dishing about Game of Thrones (last season ?) and then we go over our services and dependencies. After the meeting, we all have our own flow and flexibility to manage our workload with agreed upon priorities.

The team is always there for feedback and advice or to help when someone’s laptop freezes (mine!). We get through the day with lots of inside jokes and occasional breaks to catch up in our Slack #balance channel. At the end of the day, we want to be sure we gave our best but that we are also in balance. Only then we can enjoy our work and our family time after work.  Achieving harmony is a special kind of magic, but we are getting there. Sounds fun, huh? How does your team do it?

Persist Digital In Action
Persist Digital In Action

The Big Picture

At Persist Digital, our vision is to be of service to our clients, their customers, and to society at large. We take risks and embark on new adventures, trying to improve our skills and usefulness. Encouraging each other to learn more, give more feedback, and be brave is a part of our daily routine.

Every one of our team members is special and we all grow in our own directions that will benefit both us as individual professionals and the company. We believe that by encouraging self-expression and individuality we can reap more benefits and come up with unique solutions for any challenge.

Our goal is to make a difference in our business niche and our societies. One of our most cherished values is altruism and we make sure to not just talk about it — we act on it. Persist Digital is proud and happy to donate money or services to causes that are close to our hearts. We’ve done it on many occasions by supporting our community or a foundation and we plan to continue on for as long as we’re here. This is what makes our company stand out and our employees proud!

Persist Digital Team Meetup
Persist Digital Team Meetup

Have You Heard About Awesome Internship Positions at Persist Digital?

We have a lot of interesting work coming our way, so we need reinforcement! Right now, we’re expanding our team! And we are welcoming interns interested in marketing, graphic design, front-end development/design, application support, and QA testing.

So, creative individuals, persistent learners, and hard workers, at Persist Digital you will have an amazing opportunity to gain experience, acquire new, useful skills, and work on interesting projects. With a flexible time schedule that won’t conflict with your school or social life, this is a one-of-a-kind chance to immerse yourself into the marvelous world of digital marketing and software development for some hands-on experience and excellent mentorship. All interns will get a reference and letter of recommendation after a 4-week internship period. Only the best ones will be offered a  possibility of joining the Persist Digital team on a part/full-time basis as our paid interns!

If this sounds like a fun and useful experience that will benefit your growth, don’t hesitate! Contact us and join our team!

Join Our Team
Join Our Team

What We Stand For — Persist Digital Values 

We are Persist Digital, so of course, we value perseverance. For a software and marketing company especially, it’s important to stay up to date and push through challenges in order to stay relevant. We persist in our pursuit of improvement, both of our products/services and ourselves. Our commitment to our clients and teamwork is evident and one of the things we are most proud of. We are always available and we make sure to deliver the best results that we possibly can.

Accountability is another important aspect of our company. We are accountable not only to our clients but to each other and, at the end of the day, to ourselves and to our families. As a team, we all have unique skills, views, and knowledge, and we put them to good use in our brainstorming sessions. Trying to find the most creative and efficient way to achieve a goal that will benefit everyone is always a challenge and one we are up for facing.

High-quality service and products that bring value to our clients are of utmost importance. We spend a lot of time analyzing and reporting our findings, so we can better understand the results and hit higher marks next month!

To motivate our employees, we try to provide stimulating challenges and meaningful work. We make sure to acknowledge brave leadership and a job well done. More than anything, we want our team to feel secure, happy, and well compensated for their effort. Stressed or unhappy employees don’t benefit the company and aren’t good teammates, and we are fully aware of this. We will keep adding benefits and perks, plan fun retreats, and expand opportunities to learn and grow every chance we get.

Our team knows that the company is 100% behind them, at all times! And we know that they are our greatest supporters as well!

Over To You

How does a day at your current company look like? What values do you stand for? If you want to do the same team-building exercise that we have, please find the list of values to choose from here. Remember, each team member shouldn’t pick more than three values that lead them through work and private life. When you all make your picks, put them together and analyze. It’s going to be fun, we promise!

Learn more about open internship positions at Persist Digital and join our brave team today.