Why you should join our team…


We are creatives that approach to each client and each project from a unique perspective, delivering the best results and the highest possible value every time. Our clients are hand-picked, just as our teammates. Thinking differently and working smarter are our primary goals. However, we reinvent our work life on a daily basis by constantly improving and nurturing our communication and teamwork, and by reaching the right balance between work and play.


Persist Digital Agency created a culture where employees come first. We believe that only people who love what they do can accomplish exceptional things and be passionate about clients’ successes. Persist fosters creativity, quality, and fun. We support each other in learning, improving, and wanting better or more. However, we also know that being able to balance professional and private goals will keep you energized and happy. This is why the wellbeing of our employees comes first.


Work Remotely, Work Smarter, Work Better

You can work for Persist Digital wherever you want: from home, from a coffee shop, a coworking space, or from your dream destination. We encourage you to travel and live the life of your dreams while accomplishing great results at work. Meet with other team members to get to know each other better and work more closely on projects. Daily meetings, company retreats, and being there for each other — that’s what we promise!

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Find Purpose and Fulfillment

Persist team is committed to reinventing work and shaping it to make our goals happen but also to make our work experience fulfilling and pleasurable. Our work is our passion; that’s why we want great results but also a sense of personal accomplishment. This is one of the best recipes for success in our book.

Grow Professionally and Personally

Professional and personal growth go hand in hand. Expand your knowledge and become a master in your field. Persist team will wholeheartedly support your growth and encourage you to develop your skills. We are committed to assisting you in reaching your goals with us. That is why we offer to provide learning opportunities and trainings in areas relevant to your professional and career goals.

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Communicate Easily

We’re huge fans of daily meetings on Zoom and regular conversations on Slack. Dedicated channels for clients and projects but also for keeping in touch on various projects’ details are the places where we brainstorm, align, share information, and inspire each other. Being one of the most important topics in our team, we also have a #balance chatroom where we share news, music, and anything that may be of interest and that may inspire us.

Work with Awesome Team

We are a team of super friendly, energetic, and highly professional individuals who will go out of their way each time to support one another. Being in this together, we strive to make our work environment friendly, helpful, supportive, and encouraging. Skilled, talented, optimistic, and motivated, we want to be surrounded by like-minded people who strive to live their passion and work what they love. Let’s work together and uplift each other’s lives.

Persist Digital Team
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Put Family First

Persist Digital Agency, our families are sacred to us. We will support you with spending more time with your family and enable you to take care of them in the best possible way. Our culture promotes work-life balance where you can do a great job and spend more time with the people closest to you. Family-included company events are just one of our ways to show appreciation for your loved ones.

Get Competitive Pay & Vacation Time

We appreciate the value, experience, and enthusiasm you bring to the Persist team. Fair compensation and vacation time are two ways to say thank you for the great job you do.You will get some time for much-needed rejuvenation and refreshment. Get some downtime to pursue only your personal goals or spend time with the loved ones. Come back restored and ready for new accomplishments!

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”Remote position, flexible working hours, challenging projects, friendly atmosphere.”

”I have been working at Persist Digital full-time for less than a year. The team is amazing.they are talented and fun to work with.”

”Flexible working hours, personal training, teamwork, great communication and support by colleagues. Any issue can be fixed in a short time.”

”I have been working at Persist Digital full-time for more than a year. It+s a great place to work with good and very intelligent people. Excellent collaboration and close relationships with colleagues. The organization is not always the best, but overall we strive to improve all segments of our business.”

”During the 4 weeks of the program, everyone was welcoming, eager to help and support my learning and working. I received guidance and advice which was not only extremely helpful for fulfilling the tasks for the internship, but will most certainly be of great value in my career to come. I would highly recommend Persist Digital to anyone wanting to work in a friendly environment and on interesting projects.”

”Hard working, driven team. Constantly working on upgrading the company, and the company’s image. Everyone is so helpful and willing to go beyond to help the clients choose what is best for them. Flexible working hours. Friendly atmosphere. Work/life balance. I personally didn’t like the fact that they posted a job offer first and then accepted me for an internship, just so they would say that they are not hiring after (that was kind of confusing). I repeat everyone was so helpful, considering that they didn’t actually have a lot of time to “teach me” stuff.”

”The company lends great support and guidance to employees, provides continuous coaching, shows a sincere interest in employees and the solutions to their problems.”

”Company overall organization and culture is set in a way which makes you want to improve yourself as a professional every day.”

”Team collaboration, team spirit, and continuous development available.”