Why Your Website Isn’t Making Sales + How to Troubleshoot & Fix Issues

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Do you have a website that is not making sales or any other conversions?

Traffic but no conversion?

Even if your website gets traffic, it is still possible it’s not making any sales. Regardless of how much money you invested in your website and whether your website is brand new or well-established, you’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs start their websites with the intention to sell, but they don’t make sure the website meets their customers’ expectations and needs. Sometimes, websites have technical issues that need to be solved and sometimes little things like compelling CTAs in strategic positions can make all the difference.

If you keep spending money on ads and improvements but you’re still not seeing any results, it’s time to troubleshoot your website and find out what are the reasons why you’re not seeing results you want.

Here are a few possible reasons why your website is not making sales and solutions to fix these issues. Read on and get the help you need to learn how to make sales on your website.

Your product is not solving a real problem

Why isn’t my website converting?

No sales?

Don’t just offer a product on your website — solve a problem.

As long as people keep having problems, they will be looking for solutions. Offering a viable product that will solve a specific problem and enable your customers to make improvements faster and smarter will bring you sales, guaranteed. However, you need to discover pain points and issues, and then provide a solution to them. This may seem easy, but this is the crucial step where you should actually get started with your business and sales.

Understand the problem your customers have to be able to solve it.

Ask yourself, what can you improve? Is there anything that you can make better and smarter? Can you provide a solution to save time or automatize and simplify a process?

Solve the problems your customers have and deliver it to the market to grab their attention. This is best done through educational articles, ebooks, case studies, and guides on your website. Learn how to create and manage Content Marketing for Small Businesses.

Your pricing is not right

Leads not converting?

To make your business and website profitable, your pricing needs to be right — not too high, not too low. Often, determining the best price for your product or service is not easy. If you go with a price that is too high, customers may ignore you. A price that is too low will negatively affect the revenue and you may not be able to cover the costs.

Pricing your product appropriately in the first place will create a meaningful cornerstone for your business that you will be prospering from in the long run. Some say that correct pricing is part science and part art, and they are right. Pricing your product right is hard, but it sets you for success and lays out the foundation for long-term positive results and more sales.

To price your product right, make sure to cover your costs and assure making profits. Be aware of the real value you’re offering. If your product is too expensive and you need to lower the price, try to lower your costs beforehand. Factor in your costs to determine a price per product that you will need to charge in order to make profits and cover the costs. To make sure you got the pricing right, make sure to review the prices and your costs regularly. Also, don’t forget to study your competition, compare the pricing, and make sure your prices are competitive.

Why my website is not making sales
The product price is too high or too low

In the end, and most importantly, the right pricing will assure sales and, most probably, make all the difference between success and failure.

Your brand is not well-established

If you’re a new company, you will need time to build brand awareness and brand credibility. People care about brands and depending on what your product is, you may be competing with well-established and highly popular brands. How to make people aware of your product and inspire them to even consider you instead of more popular competitors?

To give exposure to your brand, you will need to develop a unique strategy that will highlight the benefits your product provides, like more affordable pricing or free shipping. Also, you can partner up with a well-established brand for faster and easier results.

Make sure your reputation is tip top — learn How To Rock Reputation Management and How to Manage Google Reviews. To establish your brand as best as possible, make sure you’re on top of marketing trends that currently dominate.

The marketplace is too competitive

The marketplace for your product or service may be competitive, but that is not an excuse. There are ways to stand out even in a highly saturated market. The first thing you need to find out who your competitors are and research them and their products. Realizing what your competitors offer will help you understand what are their faults, downsides, and gaps. Based on these findings, find ways to improve your product so it fills out the gap in the market and offers an improved solution that delivers more and better than your competitors’ products.

Once you are sure you’re offering a superior product that will stand out in the marketplace, find a way to draw attention to it. Whether you decide to offer free samples or free trials, test your strategy to improve and win loyal fans.

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Why my website is not making sales
Choose the right marketplace for your product to boost your sales

You didn’t choose the right marketplace for your product

When you are confident that there is a product-market fit, as well as it and your pricing is right, but your website is still not making sales, you should figure out a couple of more things. For example, which PPC platform to use for placing your paid ads, what social media channel is the best, as well as how to use other marketing strategies and SEO to boost your sales.

What PPC platform is the best for advertising your product

It can be a struggle to choose the best PPC platform to place your ads. Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram? The choice will depend on your product and your audience.

When looking to boost your sales using paid ads, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Who is your audience and where are they?
  2. What are your marketing resources?
  3. What kind of product are you advertising and selling?

Google Ads — use this platform to advertise products or services that people are actively looking in Google. This platform is excellent for products and services that fulfill a common need. Considering that almost everyone on the planet is using Google, Google Ads are a safe bet that your product will be searched for, researched, validated, and purchased in the end.

Why my website isn't making sales
Google Ads

Facebook Ads — advertise your product or services using Facebook ads if you need to create some buzz, boost brand awareness, establish social credibility, and build brand recognition over time. All of this leads to winning conversions. People on Facebook usually don’t have an intent to buy anything while scrolling the platform, or at least it’s much lower compared to people searching on Google. However, this doesn’t mean that Facebook is a bad investment. On the contrary, this is a great place for you to educate, inspire, and introduce your product or service. When your audience is ready to purchase, they will know where to find you.

Why my website isn't making any sales
Create buzz, boost brand awareness, establish social credibility, and build brand recognition on Facebook

Instagram Ads — if you’re using lots of compelling visuals to advertise your product or service, Instagram is the right place for you. Similarly like on Facebook, buying intent is low with people who are catching up with their friends’ lives. However, Instagram is a great place to advertise aspirational and motivational products and services, build brand awareness, educate, and inspire. Although Instagram ads work best for B2C businesses, if you’re selling your product to other businesses (B2B advertising), use Instagram for retargeting rather than for the first touch. You can choose using Instagram stories or Instagram feed to place your ads.

Why my website isn't making sales
Advertise inspirational and motivational products and services on Instagram

LinkedIn Ads — this is an ideal place for B2B advertising. If you’re targeting decision-makers and professional companies, invest in LinkedIn ads. This is the place to build brand awareness and credibility around your product or service or start an open conversation. You can choose to place your ads in the newsfeed or send them through InMail ads.

Why my website isn't making sales
Target decision-makers and professional companies for B2B advertising on LinkedIn

Amazon — a platform with a massive market that is easy to use and well-known as the first option for buying various products. You use it to build a brand, advertise your products at a low price, and sell. Make sure your images are of high quality.

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Amazon Marketplace
Amazon Marketplace

What social media channel is the best for interacting with your audience

When looking into what social media channels to choose for interacting with your audience, make sure to pick those your audience actually uses. This is the best way to make sure to drive engagement and boost revenue for your product or service. You don’t have to be on every social media to succeed but rather choose those that work for your customers.

To make sure you choose the right social media to interact with your audience, consider the following:

  • Research and define your target audience (who are they, what age and gender are they, what are their interests, what do they do)?
  • What social media channels do they use?
  • What kind of content do they prefer interacting with and responding to?
  • Who do they follow/what are their interests on social media?
  • What languages does your audience use?
  • What social media channels do your competitors use?
  • Who are your competitors’ followers?

Although you may not aspire to sell your product directly on social media, choose only those social media channels that will get you the most engagement and generate the most traffic and conversions to your website. Analyze your budget and check how many channels can you cover with the budget you have. Don’t forget that it’s not enough just to be on social. You need to have the time and resources to engage with your audience and nurture each channel for the best performance. Consider additional expenses like social media scheduling tools to save your time and hiring a social media manager to get the expertise you need.

When you define your ideal customer and you analyze your competition, you can define your marketing strategies and pick the best sales channels to reach your customers and boost your sales.

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Your website is having technical issues

High traffic no sales?

When selling on your website, make sure to regularly test contact forms and buy buttons. They need to work perfectly.

Always make sure your pages load fast and everything works as it should. When testing your website, go through the entire buying process yourself.

Are you and are your visitors getting emails and notifications when they fill out and submit a form? Are all the steps flowing logically? Do you perhaps have too many unnecessary steps for the customers to go over until the final purchase?

What kind of payment system do you use and is it convenient and appealing enough for all of your customers? Since different people have different preferences, consider adding multiple paying options and test them regularly to make sure everything works properly.

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Why my website isn't making sales
Make sure your website pages load fast and everything works as it should.

Your website doesn’t support the great user experience

To support great user experience, your website needs to be clean, simple, intuitive, clear, and easy for your visitors to navigate. Check if your visitors can easily find the important pages related to purchasing, returns, shipping, and other shopping experience relevant pages.

What are the colors on your website like? Do they relate to your product and are they appealing to your customers? Are your action buttons visible enough and do they stand out from the rest of the page they’re on? Make these buttons easy to use to inspire fast action and purchases.

Perform website audits often to make sure your website delivers the superior user experience.

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Why my website isn't making sales
Make sure your website supports great user experience

Your website doesn’t inspire trust

Does your website inspire trust? Do you gather customer reviews and did you display them? Make sure to display customer testimonials that say how great your product is and how the superior shopping experience you provide on your website. Clearly display trust factors like Yelp logo or merchant account security badge on shopping cart page and footer to encourage purchases. Missing contact information can discourage your customers from making a purchase, so make sure to offer an option for your visitors and customers to contact you. Hidden checkout prices for shipping can discourage customers easily, so ensure all prices are clearly laid out for them to see.

The website is not receiving enough relevant traffic

If your website is not receiving enough traffic that converts, you can earn or pay for more relevant traffic. Whether you choose the first or the latter, both will cost. Earning website traffic will cost you in paying resources and the time the results will take. You will need to invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media networking, and referrals. Although SEO is a must for any website that wants to achieve long-term results, you will have to wait for several months for this method to kick in and deliver first results. Advertising using PPC channels like Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram will deliver results instantly but will stop the second you stop the campaign.

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Why my website isn't making sales
Earn or pay for more website traffic

Additional improvements you can add to boost your sales

  • Highlight product benefits on your website.
  • Add live chat to provide superior customer service and offer additional information about your products and services.
  • Add FAQ for quick and easy access to the most common questions about your product.
  • Offer discounts. For example, you can implement a popup that will appear when visitors intend to leave your website and tempt them to complete the purchase. You can also offer time-limited discounts that will create a sense of urgency and motivate your visitors to make a purchase.

If you are wondering: ”How to get more sales on my website?” and you need help with PPC strategy and management, social media strategy and management, web development and design, SEO copywriting or search engine optimization strategy, contact us today. Our experienced specialists will be happy to help you with converting traffic to sales, making more sales and fixing all the issues you’re currently struggling with.